'RoboCop' Set Photo Reveals 'Combat Mode' Suit?

A couple months ago, we shared the first images of the new RoboCop armor from Jose Padiha's RoboCop remake, revealing a sleek black bodysuit that was starkly different from the original 1987 film. Reaction to the new armor was largely negative with many people complaining that it didn't look enough like a robot or cyborg.

However, we also mentioned at the time that the script for the film would feature multiple iterations of the suit. Now, thanks to a new set photo, we may have gotten our first look at one of those iterations.

The image, snapped by Twitter user Davor Mamuzic, shows a version of the RoboCop armor that is much more beefed up and metallic (in other words - like a modern version of the armor in the 1987 film).


As Bleeding Cool reminds us, the final version of the armor (at least in the leaked version of the script) "has transformer-like capabilities, switching between a so-called 'social mode' and 'combat mode.'" Presumably, this is what the 'combat mode' looks like. Then again, in a different tweet, Mamuzic said this is what the suit looks like throughout the whole movie. Either way, this new image is pretty cool.

The suit still looks a lot like the Iron Man armor (and will probably look even more like the Iron Man armor if they add CGI to show the transition between 'social' and 'combat' modes), but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. And for those that argue the armor isn't appropriate for a cyborg, I would argue that the responsibility is on Joel Kinnaman to show us how Alex Murphy clings to his humanity inside of the robot (as Peter Weller did so beautifully in the 1987 film).

Call me an optimist, but there are quite a few things to be excited about for the RoboCop remake. For instance, Michael Keaton is playing the bad guy and it's a scientific fact that Michael Keaton makes every movie better. Sure, there were rumors of pre-production issues (which were later sort of denied), but what movie doesn't go through some production issues?

What do you think about the new-look RoboCop suit? Is the armor better or worse than the armor from the first images?

The RoboCop remake hits theaters February 7th 2014.


Source: Bleeding Cool, Twitter

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