'RoboCop' Remake Concept Art Shows Off Armor, Action Scenes, & ED-209

Concept art from the 'RoboCop' remake has revealed the different iterations of armor that will be featured in the film.

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Earlier today, a four-minute licensing featurette popped up online for Jose Padilha‘s upcoming RoboCop remake. The video, which was created to help sell the film to merchandisers, featured a variety of concept art from the film as well as interviews with Padilha, star Joel Kinnaman, and VFX  Supervisor Jamie Price.

Naturally, since the video was not meant for mainstream audiences, it was promptly taken down, but not before several websites snapped stills of the video featuring the concept art. The images, which contain minor spoilers, reveal multiple iterations of the new RoboCop armor, several action scenes from the film (including what looks like an army of RoboCops), and another look at the new version of the ED-209.

Check out some of the key concept art from the video below:





Before the video was taken down, our friends at Collider wrote down some of the key points from the video. Check out their report for the full details, but there was one point that we wanted to share:

Since OmniCorp is a business, RoboCop will show the R&D process of the RoboCop models, with the first version being similar to the original suit and the newer version being the sleek black one seen in recent images.

RoboCop's black armor has been a point of contention in the fanboy community for months now, ever since the first image of the radically different suit appeared online. The assumption then was that the suit was likely an early version that would evolve to become the more recognizable silver version by the end of the movie. This assumption seemed to be confirmed with the recently revealed set photo of the silver 'combat mode' suit. If the licensing video is accurate, however, it would seem that the silver suit comes first.

What do you think of the black armor being the final RoboCop armor in the film? Do you like the look of the new ED-209?

The RoboCop remake is expected to hit theaters February 7th, 2014.


Source: Collider,

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