'Gran Torino' Writer To Work On 'RoboCop' Reboot

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MGM's decision to reboot the RoboCop franchise has incurred much in the way of fan outrage - as has also been true for almost every upcoming remake and reboot that Hollwood is planning. Director José Padilha has helped to cool the tide of fury by frequently discussing his plans to deliver a sci-fi/action flick with a different thematic flavor than Paul Verhoeven's original film about the titular man-turned-cyborg.

Pretty much all the attention of late (with respect to the new RoboCop) has been focused on Padilha, rather than what buzzed-about newbie screenwriter Josh Zetumer has been doing with the film's script. That may change, seeing how another scribe has now been brought onboard, to help realize Padilha's vision.

Heat Vision has learned that Nick Schenk has been hired on to script RoboCop for Padilha. The two have recently been working together on an upcoming action thriller titled Tri-Border, but that collaboration is not expected to take precedence over the RoboCop franchise revamping. Schenk otherwise boasts a handful of minor TV series and film shorts on his resume, but he is by far best known for penning the Clint Eastwood-directed (and starring) Gran Torino.

This hiring move really only bolsters Padilha's claims that he's not interested in delivering a rebooted RoboCop that abandons the satirical subtext and social commentary of Verhoeven's film - in favor of a pure mindlessly violent sci-fi action flick. Schenk's small (but solid) body of work is proof enough that he's interested in being more of a thoughtful storyteller, rather than someone who just churns out Hollywood blockbuster drivel.

Now, the next step for the minds behind the RoboCop reboot is to recruit a credible actor who's willing to don the iconic visor and metallic body suit. Rumored star Michael Fassbender has admitted that he's very much open to the idea, but his commitment to starring in the film Twelve Years a Slave means he'll be busy for a good chunk of the upcoming summer - and unfortunately, that's when MGM wants shooting on the new RoboCop to begin.


Expect to continue hearing more and more about the RoboCop reboot over the upcoming months, as the project gears ups for production.

Source: THR

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