'RoboCop' 2014: Differences Between the Remake and the Original

Jack Lewis Anne Lewis RoboCop 1987 2014

1987: In Verhoeven's film, Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) is transferred to Detroit's Metro West Police Department and subsequently partnered with tough as nails, though sympathetic, female cop Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen). Murphy's death occurs soon after they are partnered but months later, upon discovering that Murphy is "alive," Anne becomes instrumental in helping RoboCop regain his memory - and saves his life on more than one occasion.

2014: In the reboot, Anne Lewis is replaced by Jack Lewis (Michael K. Williams), Murphy's longtime friend and partner, who is injured in a shootout with the drug dealers that, later, attempt to kill Murphy (Joel Kinnaman). Jack survives, aware of what OmniCorp has done to Murphy and, like Clara and Jimmy, is allowed time with RoboCop prior to his public unveiling - eager to pickup where they left off.

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