'RoboCop' 2014: Differences Between the Remake and the Original

RoboCop 1987 Car Ad 6000 SUX

1987: Satirizing American consumer culture was a key element of Verhoeven's RoboCop - both in terms of onscreen humor and the larger plot. In addition to the antagonistic Omni Consumer Product company, RoboCop also featured fake TV commercials, and womanizing comedy show star Bixby Snyder, known for his catchphrase "I'd buy that for a dollar" as not-so-subtle social commentary.

2014: In an effort to modernize the premise, Padilha's RoboCop tackles one of America's most divisive topics: National Security. Consumerism is also a key topic but, with the inclusion of a geopolitical subplot and Samuel L. Jackson playing cable network talking head, Padilha ensures the debate over privacy, robot-enforced militarism, and global imperialism is front and center.

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