'RoboCop' 2014: Differences Between the Remake and the Original

RoboCop 2014 Grey Suit

Padilha avoids direct comparisons between his RoboCop and Verhoeven's film - attempting to honor the original by forging a significantly different direction for the reboot. Still, longtime fans will without question notice a few knowing nods to the 1987 film.

RoboCop starts in the traditional grey suit until Sellars decides an all-black "tactical" version would make for a better "product." After the final battle, RoboCop returns to the fan-favorite grey design.

Several riffs on iconic lines are included, such as "Dead or alive, you're coming with me."

The original RoboCop theme from Basil Poledouris is incorporated (albeit mostly shoe-horned) into Pedro Bromfman's score.

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