'RoboCop' 2014: Differences Between the Remake and the Original

RoboCop 2014 C-1 Motorcycle

1987: After his resurrection as RoboCop, Murphy climbs inside a standard OCP Detroit Police Car - patrolling the city for crimes in progress. Interestingly, Weller's RoboCop suit was so bulky that the actor could not actually fit inside the car wearing his entire costume - meaning that, in shots of RoboCop driving, Weller is only wearing the top portion of the suit.

2014: At times, Kinnaman's RoboCop travels as a passenger in OminCorp SUVs - but his main mode of transport is a custom C-1 motorcycle that matches its owners stealth black paint job. Instead of patrolling for crimes in progress, Murphy spends most of his time solving open case files - combining archive crime footage with live surveillance feeds to hunt down suspects that have, until now, escaped arrest.

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