'RoboCop' 2014: Differences Between the Remake and the Original

RoboCop 2014 OmniCorp

1987: Following his "death," OmniCorp wipes Murphy's memory, attempting to remove any trace of his former life, in order to limit knowledge of his murder, family, and human emotions. In addition, the company includes a failsafe, Directive Four, that prevents RoboCop from arresting or killing an OmniCorp employee.

2014: In the reboot, much of Murphy's memory is left intact; though his owners regularly adjust his dopamine levels and override brain activity with an automated computer system. OmniCorp also adds a failsafe, much like Directive Four, which identifies key company personal as Red Targets (who RoboCop cannot kill). As a last ditch effort, they also included a wireless kill switch that can shut Murphy down at anytime, anywhere.

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