'RoboCop' 2014: Differences Between the Remake and the Original

Robocop 2014 Black Tactical Suit

1987: The original RoboCop was based on a more "robotic" approach to design, slow and stiff (albeit with superhuman strength), and featured a grey/silver color scheme. As a result, gunplay and close-range brawling were RoboCop's primary combat options. Scientists even managed to salvage Murphy's arm but Morton instructed them to replace it anyway - making Murphy's face the only organic part that is still visible as RoboCop.

2014: Taking advantage of modern robotics and near-future cybernetics, the RoboCop in Padilha's reboot is much more agile - even capable of leaping into the air. While Murphy remarks that "there's nothing left" of his human body, both his face and right hand remain visible. While the traditional grey/silver suit appears in the 2014 film, RoboCop also sports a "tactical" black color scheme.

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