Titans Suggests Robin Used The Bat Computer For Adult Videos (Seriously)

Episode two of the second season of Titans suggests that the new Robin may be abusing his Bat Computer privileges to look at pornography. Maturity is a clear character trait for how the show has positioned Dick Grayson, played by Brenton Thwaites, with the show's first season contrasting his measured temperament against that of his more hot-headed successor, Jason Todd, played by Curran Walters. There have also been hints that DC fans may see him don the mantle of Nightwing this season, so Dick's mentoring of Jason is likely to factor even more heavily into the second season. However, while their methodologies proved to be their greatest bone of contention in season one, season two suggests that Jason may need further guidance on the proper use of Batman's vast wealth of tools.

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The latest episode of Titans sees Dick admonishing Jason of the need for the latter to adopt a more mature attitude in taking Dick's place as the new Robin. Given how much Jason has relished being Robin in Dick's absence to an arguably overzealous level, Dick's already got plenty of ground to offer Jason at least some constructive criticism. However, Dick also comes to realize that Jason has abused more of his privileges as Bruce Wayne's ward and crime-fighting partner. Jason asks when he can go back to Gotham City only for Dick to reveal Bruce doesn't think he's ready, and neither does he. He admonishes his successor for "Batmobile joyrides" and "the motorcycle on the staircase" before calling out his web browsing behavior "and those websites you bookmarked? You know that's not what the Bat Computer's used for."

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The obvious implication here is that Jason has been viewing pornography on the Bat Computer, a prospect that's hardly shocking given Jason's conduct thus far as Robin. Season one saw Dick horrified at Jason's clear bloodlust when fighting criminals, while a difference in crime-fighting ideologies also served as the primary culprit in Dick's falling out with Batman and abandonment of his role as Robin (though Dick has hardly been without his own moments of brutality, as well.) Given the Bat Computer's famous search power, it's hardly appropriate usage of highly advanced crimefighting tools and systems by the Boy Wonder.

Titans Dick Grayson Robin and Jason Todd Robin Face-Off

The pilot of season two also positions Dick in a leadership role for the whole team, and specifically in a mentorship capacity towards Jason. The original robin has also mellowed in his bitterness towards his own former mentor. Season one famously summarized Dick's attitude towards the man who made him Robin with the words "F--k Batman.",  but the final scenes of season two's first episode see the two meeting to make peace years after Dick's departure, with Bruce Wayne finally making a full appearance on the show with Iain Glen in the role.

By contrast, Jason interrupts a news report following the defeat of Trigon to proudly proclaim "Titans are back, b----s!", indicating that he still has plenty of growing up left to do (and likely instigating Deathstroke's return from retirement). The hallucination Jason experiences in the final battle with Trigon also points to his borderline sadism as a crimefighter could further put him into conflict with Dick, and he's shown plenty to signify that he's already well on this way to become the dark mirror of Robin known as The Red Hood.

While season two sets up Dick as a mentor figure for Jason in its first episode, there's also plenty of evidence that Dick is in for a rocky road trying to reign in his dedicated but hyperactive younger partner. Jason's eagerness to go for the jugular in every battle is obviously the biggest hurdle for Dick to get over, but season two of Titans also offers immediate evidence that the new Robin may also need reminding about what constitutes acceptable usage of the Bat Computer.

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