Robin Hood Updates: Film Title & Details

It was only a month and a half ago when we got our first look at Russell Crowe in costume, filming Ridley Scott’s current Robin Hood film project. Since then, we’ve not seen much on the project other than some set photos and casting choices.

Today, we finally know what the film will be called and we have a few details on what style the film will take (how gruesome it may be).

Alan Jones, from Live News, had a chance to speak with Russell Crowe while he was on set shooting Robin Hood and their conversation gave some interesting updates on the movie.

First off, let’s talk about the film’s title. For a very long time the project was known as Nottingham. This was more relevant back in the day when the film was said to be an original take on the Robin Hood story where it would focus on the perspective of the Sheriff where he would be the hero and Robin Hood the villain.

Eventually, Ridley Scott dropped that interesting idea and went for the traditional Robin Hood story that’s currently shooting in England. With that in mind and according to what Russell Crowe has to say about the film’s title, it sounds like we’ll be getting the traditional film title to go along with its story:

"I think it's just going to be Robin Hood. There were lots of other ways of calling it and some different ideas. Prior to Christmas, the studio were talking about Nottingham as a title being well-known now, having been discussed for 18 months at the highest levels of press and marketing and stuff like that and it was a good - what they called a solid gold - name… And the question came up: But is it better than Robin Hood? And everybody just shook their head and said: No, it's not."

It makes sense to call it Robin Hood for the obvious name recognition and Crowe makes a good point, referencing the title of one of his prior movies, Cinderella Man, which hurt the film in the end.

As for what to expect about the style of the film – It won’t be your regular archer in green tights! Crowe’s Robin Hood is a bad-ass warrior and in the interview he describes where in one particular scene, he goes King Leonidas (300) on a bunch of enemy soldiers:

"chopping one guy through the chest through his crossbow, hacking another guy through the back, spinning the horse, telling Little John to duck cause he's about to get a pike in the back of the neck, burying my sword in that man's chest, turning then to find another pike man coming at me, taking the pike off him, using that to uppercut another soldier, then actually throwing it through the chest of another guy"

Geeze man, I can’t image what he'll do with a bow and some arrows...

What do you think of the simply being titled Robin Hood and description of the one action scene?

To hear the full 10-minute audio interview, head over to Live News.

Robin Hood hits theaters May 14, 2010.

Sources: The Geek Files, Live News

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