Robin Hood On Target to Open Cannes Festival

robin hood to open cannes

Ridley Scott's epic Russell Crowe starrer Robin Hood is set to open the 63rd Cannes Film Festival on May 12. The umpteenth big screen retelling of the Robin Hood legend will be screened out of competition at the prestigious film festival.

In the last few years The DaVinci Code and Up have opened the festival and gone on to make a killing at the box office. Hood is also scheduled to open across France on the same day, with US and UK releases on May 14th.

It shows that Hollywood studios and the French festival are good bedfellows, with each helping the other with publicity. A gala premiere with Crowe, co-star Cate Blanchett, director Scott and producer Ron Howard is bound to get a lot of news play around the world – trumpeting the fact that the $100 million film and the festival have been unleashed.

Cannes Festival’s Thierry Fremaux told Variety:

cannes 2010

Scott and Crowe are hoping that the film, which co-stars Max Von Sydow, William Hurt and Lea Seydoux will have the same critical and box office impact that Gladiator had a decade ago. Robin Hood has had a troubled production since it was first announced as Nottingham a few years ago. Several re-castings, script re-writes and rumors of a rift between pals Crowe and Scott  this is their fifth pairing) have led to much speculation about the film's quality and its potential success.

Whatever the pre-release buzz, Scott sure knows how to produce a good looking period epic and Crowe sure can deliver strong and heroic posturing, so the film will be far from a disaster.

More on Robin Hood when we get it.

Source: Variety

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