New 'Robin Hood' Clips

Robin Hood behind-the-scenes featurette

There are three new clips from Robin Hood -- the latest action-packed cinematic collaboration between Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe -- now online, which feature explosions, Robin (Crowe) and his fellow bandits in action, and even a hint of foreplay between the rouge hero and the fair Lady Marian (Cate Blanchett).

First, MSN has the full version of a scene you'll probably recognize from the official Robin Hood trailer.  It features Robin and his merry men in action -- kindly assisted by Friar Tuck (Mark Addy) wielding a crossbow in each hand -- as they seemingly enjoy the task of holding up a group of treacherous soldiers passing through the misty woods of Sherwood.

Have a look for yourself:




Next, Yahoo Movies has a bit that showcases Robin and his loyal infantry in action as they storm a castle via the efficient combination of bags filled with explosive liquid (oil, presumably) and flaming arrows.

You can see the impressive results for yourself:

Finally, Moviefone has a short clip with Robin and the Lady Marian discussing how to best avoid drawing the attention of Marian's servants to the fact that, y'know, the two aren't married and yet Robin is hanging out in her room.

As one would expect, mild flirtation ensues:

If nothing else, these new clips should abate concerns that the new Robin Hood will be all heavy battle sequences and gloomy drama with no humor or wit -- a notion that, admittedly, the previous clips and trailers for the film have emphasized a bit too much for some moviegoers.

So what do you think?  Excited?

Robin Hood will hit theaters in the U.S. -- after it premieres at the Cannes Film Festival -- on May 14th, 2010.

Source: MSN, Yahoo Movies, Moviefone

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