Robin Hood Gets a New International Teaser & Poster

A new international poster and teaser have arrived for the forthcoming Robin Hood movie. The story of the English archer who robbed from the rich to give to the poor has been perpetually told and re-told since the very beginning of the film industry and shows no sign of stopping in 2018. Hood's most recent big screen outing saw Russell Crowe take on the title role in a Ridley Scott-directed war epic. Even now, there are multiple cinematic interpretations of the legend in development, with both Disney and the Wachowskis reportedly working on separate Robin Hood projects. There's also a Maid Marian solo movie starring Margot Robbie to look forward to.

Before that, however, fans of the noble thief will be getting Otto Bathurst's gritty take on the story, starring Taron Egerton in the lead role. Jamie Foxx, Tim Minchin and Jamie Dornan will be appearing as the more notable Merry Men, with Eve Hewson portraying Maid Marian and Ben Mendelsohn once again on villain duty, this time as the Sheriff of Nottingham. None other than Leonardo DiCaprio is acting as a producer on the project and an official trailer was released last month.

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A fresh teaser and poster have now been released for Robin Hood's international marketing campaign. The poster features the previously seen tagline of "The legend you know. The story you don't" below an encircled letter R comprised entirely of arrows, all arranged in a design reminiscent of a certain famous superhero's sidekick. The teaser, meanwhile, showcases Robin Hood's visceral approach to bow-and-arrow action, while Jamie Foxx's voiceover provides a bit of context to the fighting, explaining that he chose Robin to join the everlasting war against the rich and powerful.

Robin Hood Poster

The teaser certainly delivers on Robin Hood's promise to offer a modern, dark, intense version of the classic hero and there's absolutely none of the traditional merriment, jovial quips or fancy costumes seen in previous iterations here. And while both the teaser and the poster claim the movie will tell a Robin Hood story that viewers are unfamiliar with, it's reassuring that all the core elements are in place, with a romantic subplot between Robin Hood and Maid Marian, a deep friendship between the band of thieves and the traditional evil Sheriff all present and correct.

Of course, the big obstacle facing Robin Hood is how to stand out among decades of different interpretations of the same story. Although Taron Egerton's version of the character is certainly a significant step away from tradition, it's perhaps worth remembering that the 2010 Russell Crowe movie also sought to offer a more intense and realistic, if not quite as modern, version of the Robin Hood story and only received a lukewarm critical response. Can Otto Bathurst's new 2018 interpretation deliver where Ridley Scott's movie failed to?

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