Robin Hood Will Be 3D – Wait, No It Won’t

Hollywood studios in general have never been afraid to beat a dead horse or milk a cow for all she’s worth. They’re mostly those guys at a party that walk around telling the same tired joke (until everyone has heard it at least twice) and still expect the same laugh each and every time. This mindset is the reason why we have 6 Police Academy movies, 4 Rambo films, 6 Rocky’s, 6 Star Wars films, 4 Indiana Jones films and 6 Saw films...with more on the way.

To be honest, they can’t help themselves; it’s like an addiction to them and it’s not something even Dr. Drew can help them overcome. Their latest addiction comes in the form of 3D technology. It’s not exactly a new technology - it’s been around for 30 plus years - but it’s just recently that directors have started to use it properly (to enhance a film) and not purely as a gimmick. Up and Avatar would be the best examples of how to use 3d properly, with The Final Destination and Journey to the Center of the Earth being examples of how NOT to use it.

Yesterday, First Showing pointed us to an article over at the UK’s Times Online saying:

“Sir Ridley Scott has asked for a further $8m from his backer, Universal Films, to add an extra dimension to his untitled Robin Hood venture starring Russell Crowe in the lead role and Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian. Two versions of the film will be released in May."

Was anyone really surprised that an announcement like this was going to happen? Scott is one of the finest directors in history and if the man asks for $8 million dollars to convert his next film to 3D, then by gum you give it to him.

That being said, turning a 2D movie like Robin Hood into a 3D movie post-filming is a really bad idea. Avatar looked great because Cameron  planned for the 3D from the get-go and it paid off in spades. Scott, however, did not shoot his film planning for 3D; it was an afterthought and I just can’t see 3D having the same effect on Robin Hood.

If Scott and Universal were to try and use 3D conversion on Robin Hood and it fails to impress, then it doesn’t matter how good of a story he’s told or how good the action and acting are, audiences will walk out of theaters only thinking about how bad the 3D effects were.

Maybe that's the reason why later that day, First Showing heard from a rep at Universal shooting down the story as completely false, stating that Robin Hood is NOT going to be in 3D. Of course, it’s not like Hollywood reps haven’t misrepresented themselves and the truth before just to throw the fans and bloggers off the scent. In this case, it really boils down to taking the word of an industry “Yes Man.” This could be a total smoke screen and you’ll be ponying up an extra $3 to watch Robin shooting arrows at your face - or, Yes Man's word is good and you won't. Time will tell.

If Universal and Scott are going to make the 3D conversion happen for Robin Hood then they should start soon, because according to Bobby Jaffe, who manages one of the 3D conversion companies, “we can turn an older film into 3-D in around 16 weeks." That means to make their May release date someone needs to get cracka’lackin’!

What would you think about watching Robin Hood in 3D and are you prepared for all of the 2D to 3D conversions that are undoubtedly on the way?

Robin Hood shoots his arrows at screens May 14th, 2010.

Source: First Showing

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