Ben Mendelsohn is the Evil Sheriff in New Robin Hood Images

Two new images for the upcoming Robin Hood reimagining have arrived, teasing the film's new take on the classic story. Gritty reboots of well-worn tales have never managed to find much footing at the box office, but studios seem unable to resist the promise of an existing IP. Even with the high-profile failure of last year's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, there are still plenty of films in the works taking popular tales and attempting to merge them with a contemporary blockbuster sensibility - and the modernized version of Robin Hood looks to be one of them.

Originally titled Robin Hood: Origins, this fall will see Otto Bathurst attempt to re-contextualize Robin Hood as a revolutionary hero. More than just an outlaw providing for the poor, he'll be a former Crusader and an anarchist in a film being touted as a radical rendition on the well-known tale. So far, the images we've seen from Robin Hood seem to point at a relatively straight-forward rework from a design standpoint, even if the story is being updated. Now, we know the costuming and character design will also be undergoing a facelift.

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The official Robin Hood Twitter account has shared two new images from the film, highlighting Taron Egerton as the titular outlaw and Ben Mendelson as the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham. But while Robin doesn't look much different from the previous images we've seen, the Sheriff and his men hint at the film's unique approach.

Taron Egerton as Robin Hood
Ben Mendelsohn in Robin Hood

It's hard not to draw comparisons between Mendelson's costume in Robin Hood and the intergalactic outfit he wore in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The fabrics and designs of his various layers seem somewhat anachronistic and speak to an antagonist who seems to be well-off and values luxury. Of course, given the Sheriff is generally depicted as little more than a mobster collecting protection money, perhaps this isn't such a departure.

More unusual than the Sheriff's garments are the men behind him, calling to mind an army of Crossbones from Captain America: Civil War. While most of their armor doesn't seem too out of place in terms of materials, the design certainly screams 'gritty reboot.' Then there's their weapons, with several of the troops armed with crossbows that look more like armored RC-P90s from Goldeneye.

It seems Bathurst isn't simply altering the story of Robin Hood, but attempting to align the medieval story with a Judge Dredd-like dystopian future vibe. The move is certainly a gamble, but it could be just the audacious choice needed to give new life to an old story and help this take on Robin Hood rise above the rabble. With a little over six months until the film hits theaters, audiences won't have to wait much longer to judge Robin Hood for themselves.

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Source: Robin Hood Twitter

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