Robin Finds His Hoods

While Ridley Scott's Robin Hood / Nottingham has been in a state of constant flux there has been only one major constant - and that is Russell Crowe as the lead (whatever role that may be).

Now it would appear that casting is well and truly underway with the shoot expected to start next month.

The important Merry Men roles of Will Scarlett, Lttle John and Alan a Dayle have now been filled.

ER and American Dad star Scott Grimes will play Scarlett "skilled swordsman and Hood's nephew."

Lost's Kevin Durand will star as Little John, Robin's number one man and Great Big Sea singer Allan Doyle will portray Alan a Dayle.

These three cast members will join Crowe as Robin Hood and Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian in the epic retelling of the Robin Hood legend.

Sienna Miller was originally cast as Marian before "scheduling conflicts" led to her leaving the project.

We will have more casting news for you as soon as it's announced.

Source: Variety

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