Rodriguez Talks 'Sin City 2', 'Machete' And 'Nerverackers' [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: Nerverackers has been pulled from Dimension Films' 2010 release slate. See Post for Details.]

Recently at SXSW, fanboy favorite Robert Rodriguez shed light on some of the projects he has coming up: Sin City 2, Machete and Nerverackers.

Check out what the famed director had to say on the status of the three films.



The first is the much awaited and anticipated Sin City 2, a film promised by pretty much everyone involved to be definitely getting made at some point. But that point has seemed like a dot in the distance to us fans ever since the first one was released in 2005. For awhile, it seemed like Rodriguez was following in Grindhouse buddy Quentin Tarantino's trend of promising us films, and then taking forever to make them (Inglourious Basterds ring a bell?).

Here's what Rodriguez had to say about the progress of the sequel:

"I always say Sin City 2 is right around the corner, because that's what everybody wants to hear and I like pleasing the audience," but admits that, "It might be a long corner."

Well, at least that's honest, Robert. This sequel has been in a kind of "on the fence" phase for years and now we at least have an admission that it might be a bit longer before we see it.



It seems that Sin City 2 is the only project on Rodriguez's agenda that's a long way away: the director spilled some beans on the progress of his much-hoped for Machete movie, a full-length version of the fake trailer that ran before Grindhouse. We've been promised the movie pretty much ever since Grindhouse came out, and we should all be forgiven for worrying that we might not see it at all (or at least not for "a long while," like Sin City 2).

Well, here's what Rodriguez had to say about Machete:

"I'm not going to bullshit you guys. We are making Machete. We've already got the script and we're ready to go."

The Machete fake trailer was absolute genius (as was pretty much all of the fake trailers in Grindhouse were), and it would be very cool to see it turned into a movie (Rodriguez has actually hinted before that it would be a trilogy, but we'll take that theory one movie at a time).

But with Machete being of the same style has Grindhouse, I wonder if RR will be able to get the financing for the film. I'm pretty sure after the financial bomb that was Grindhouse, the Weinsteins aren't too keen on throwing more money at another similarly styled movie. Hopefully Rodriguez can make this thing on a fairly small budget, or if he's so passionate about it, go ahead and finance it himself.



Finally Rodriguez talked a bit more about his upcoming sci-fi flick, Nerverackers, and his talk is a bit more on the cocky side than you might expect:

"I used to say it was, it's kind of like Blade Runner, but that was Blade Walker. This is Blade Runner."


Robert, I know you're excited about your upcoming projects, and about delving into a genre relatively unknown to you with Nerverackers, but to outright slam a classic sci-fi film like Blade Runner is almost a little too confident. Considering the premise for Nerverackers, it's fair to compare the two films, but I don't know if it's right to say that your movie will be better than another before you've even shot frame one.

Nerverackers is still slated as a 2010 release.

UPDATE: Nerverackers WAS slated for an April 2010, release, however, with Rodriguez now full-swing into production on Machete and his upcoming Predator reboot/sequel project, Predators, it seems Dimension Films jumped the gun by announcing Nerverackers' release, according to Bloddy-Disgusting. We'll keep you posted as we here more.

Robert Rodriguez is a guy who seems to have a billion projects in his sights and it beats me how he gets the time and energy to work on (or even simply think about) all of them at the same time. He probably seldom has any free time - even when he's just filming on one movie, he must have his other projects constantly on his mind.

I look forward to anything Rodriguez puts out, and Sin City 2, Machete and Nevercrackers are all on my "highly anticipated" list.

Sources: /Film and Cinemablend

Update Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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