Robert Zemeckis Plans Return to Live-Action Filmmaking

Having grown up in the 80s and early 90s, the films of Robert Zemeckis made an indelible mark on my childhood. Not only was he an innovator of groundbreaking special effects, he was also a gifted storyteller. So it was disappointing but not terribly surprising when Zemeckis decided to use his films to focus on refining motion-capture technology.

The results of this nearly decade long commitment have been The Polar Express, Beowulf,  A Christmas Carol, and the upcoming remake of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine. While the technology has clearly evolved and become a useful addition to a filmmaker's arsenal, it's been somewhat frustrating for fans of Zemeckis' earlier work to see him use his immense talents in only one particular arena.

I'd all but given up on a return to form for the man who gave us the Back to the Future trilogy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and Romancing the Stone. However, Deadline is reporting that Zemeckis may in fact be stepping back into the world of live-action filmmaking.

One of the projects he's circling deals with a subject he's assuredly quite comfortable with: time travel. Warner Bros. is setting up Timeless as a major tent pole release and they want Zemeckis in the director's chair.  Zemeckis and his studio ImageMovers will produce either way and the deal is currently being finalized.

There's nothing specific in regards to the film's plot just yet, but the script was penned by Mike Thompson (Dragonfly, John Doe). He also co-wrote Steinbeck's Point of View with Brandon Camp- a film that made headlines when Tom Cruise flirted with the idea of starring in it.

Timeless isn't the only offer Warner Bros. is extending Zemeckis' way - evidently he's another name we can add to the list of potential directors for the Superman reboot.

Deadline claims he's "kicking the tires" on the Christopher Nolan produced The Man of Steel and in my opinion, he's a much stronger choice than any of the other names that have been mentioned so far. Zemeckis is downright masterful at creating memorable characters and blending action, humor, and heart. While Zack Snyder or Darren Aronofsky might bring more edge to the material, Superman is a property that requires just a little bit more optimism than I envision them delivering.

Whether it be Timeless of Superman, I'd be thrilled just to have Zemeckis making live-action films again. Either of those choices would have to be better than his proposed mo-cap Roger Rabbit sequel.

How does Zemeckis stack up against the other Superman contenders? How do you feel about him returning to live-action?

Source: Deadline.

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