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As is the case with a lot of in-development projects these days, the long-awaited Sin City 2 has been on-again-off-again for awhile. We finally got some semi-concrete news way back in May last year when the sequel was said to be moving forward and just before Christmas last year director Robert Rodriguez said it was still in the cards.

Fast-forward seven months and we have another little update regarding Sin City 2. Rodriguez recently spoke to the guys over at Digital Spy where he assured fans that a sequel is still in the works to his brilliant adaptation of Frank Millar's Sin City graphic novels.

Rodriguez has Spy Kids 4 to shoot next (this September) but he hasn't forgotten about the continuing adventures of Sin City's stark black-and-white world:

"We're still working on Sin City, I want to do it so we'll see. It's just a matter of when... We have a script... a rewritten script that we still have to write and it's just finding the right time slot to do it."

I'm sure it's difficult for a filmmaker like Rodriguez to find time to sleep much less sort out which projects he's working on and when. However, it's not like Sin City 2 is a completely new project he took on out of nowhere and now he just can't find the time for it. I'm pretty sure a sequel was at least in mind even before the first Sin City started shooting. This all seems more like a case of Rodriguez taking on too many other projects when he should be concentrating on the ones that really matter (like Sin City 2).

Sin City set - Robert Rodriguez and Frank Millar

I'm pretty sure most of you, our loyal Screen Rant readers, would rather see Rodriguez return to the world of Sin City rather than make another Spy Kids movie. Or have I misjudged you all on that front?

At least we have two awesome-looking Rodriguez projects to look forward to this summer - the Predators reboot (which hits theaters this Friday) and Machete (which follows in September). Hopefully once he's completely done with those two projects and Spy Kids 4 he'll move onto Sin City 2 (now that his sci-fi film Nerverackers has been shelved). The timing is certainly right to coincide with previous word that the sequel could go into production in the second half of 2010.

Having said that, Digital Spy also notes that Rodriguez hasn't forgotten about Madman, a comic by Mike Allred he optioned way back in 1998. And let's not forget that he was reportedly offered the director's chair on Deadpool (although he has yet to accept or decline the offer). Maybe Rodriguez will choose to direct Madman or Deadpool (or both) before Sin City 2?

At this point I'm scared we might NEVER see this sequel...

Are you desperate for Rodriguez to get moving on Sin City 2 or do you want him to move onto other projects? Voice your opinion in the comments below.

Source: Digital Spy

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