Rodriguez and Antal Talk Predators, Spy Kids 4 & More

One week after producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal spoke to SXSW audiences and released the Predators trailer, more revelations from the duo have come to light. Cinematical shared the interview and we're here to give you the best bits. It's not all Predators, either; we've got Spy Kids reboot and Jetsons updates as well.

In response to how they plan on re-introducing the Predator:

Nimrod Antal (NA)- "I think the hunt, and suspense. Trying to take it back to what works in classic horror films and trying to keep the monster in the shadows as opposed to throwing him in your face right off the bat."

Robert Rodriguez (RR)- "We've had the benefit of being able to see in the pictures what didn't work and now we can know what not to do."

RR- "[The studio] said, 'we want you to protect this movie from us. We want you to make it down there and do it your way. We'll give you a budget, and if you stay within the budget, you can do anything you want."

There's nothing better than hearing a studio give somebody free reign on a film. That's just beautiful. It's no secret these guys are hardcore fans of the franchise, regardless of how the masses feel about those AVP missteps. Every failed attempt is still a guide to success for the new version. And, according to most people, they've got plenty of "guides." Support of Rodriguez and Antal's vision will ultimately be a major factor in Predators potential success.

In response to adapting the original score:

RR- "I asked Fox, do we even have the rights to be able to use that music? They [said] oh yeah, you can use his original score, we can give you the original charts if you want to re-chart them and write something using references of it, here's the full thing. So we'll probably incorporate some of that."

Whether you are a fan of the original Predator score or not, it's always nice to hear that filmmakers have such creative influence on the music in a film. If you've seen Rodriguez's Sin City or his El Mariachi trilogy you know that he always has a great ear for music. Let's face it, a haunting and eerie sound will perfectly enhance the sensation they aim to create.

In response to the balance of humor and self-awareness:

NA- "I think we had a balance. Clearly we wanted to concentrate on what the original film had brought and given, and I think that was the direction we were thinking of, but that said there are some hilarious moments in the film - really hilarious stuff."

Here is my only concern, considering what we've seen. The one line in the trailer that was geared for laughs, when Danny Trejo says, "Does this look like a team-orientated group to you?" really wasn't that funny. Then again, I can only speak for myself. If that's the tone of humor in this reboot and people laugh, then so be it. But it may present some unforgiving audience cringes.

At the same time, this film will need humor. And not the "Oh hey, Arnold Schwarzenegger talks funny," kind of humor found in the original, but actual comedic moments. Both producer and director speak with supreme confidence in their creation and I'll go on their word because up until now, most everything has impressed.

Robert Rodriguez Spy Kids

In response to curiosity about The Jetsons:

RR- "I'm axing Jetsons. I'm actually doing another Spy Kids for The Weinsteins. That is a new version with new kids and it's actually pretty cool. That's probably what I'm going to do next...That's my most loyal audience. More than the geek crowd are the kids. Every day kids and families come up and say, 'Thanks for Spy Kids. We're showing our new kids that'...This actually feels completely new...It's like the Casino Royale to For Your Eyes Only."

How can you not love Robert Rodriguez? Not only is his Predators reboot looking more legitimate every day, but he balances his career with a kids franchise that is focused and deep enough to continue endlessly. It's always hard to imagine the same man who brought us the gore-filled Planet Terror and the upcoming Machete is the mind behind the family-friendly Spy Kids trilogy. He just seems like a genuinely cool dude and if only for that, I hope Predators is a massive hit.

Of course, it all rests on the shoulders of director Nimrod Antal, but the two seem to work on the same wavelength.

Does any of this add to your excitement for the upcoming Predator reboot? Is the franchise safe in the hands of Rodriguez and Antal?

Predators slices into theaters July 7, 2010

Spy Kids 4 is slated for August 19, 2011.

Source: Cinematical

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