Robert Rodriguez To Film Jetsons Movie Next Year?

If Robert Rodriguez wasn't a busy enough man, he goes and adds yet another project onto his to-do list. He has his first ever fully fledged sci-fi movie coming out next year called Nerverackers, his full-length version of the Machete fake trailer from Grindhouse currently in development, he's heavily involved with the Predator sequel/reboot (retitled Predators) which has a tentative release for next year, and of course there's the long awaited sequel to Sin City (which Rodriguez says he's already talked with some of the key players about).

So what has Rodriguez added to his already overflowing plate? A live-action Jetsons movie.

Rodriguez' 21st century live-action Jetsons movie, an update of the classic '60s and '80s cartoon, has apparently been in development for some time. Rodriguez even mentioned it himself as upcoming when news first broke of the Predator reboot that he'll be helping to produce. However, with all the other projects he has going, it seemed like an adaptation of the space-set cartoon series was the last thing on his agenda. And yet that appears not to be the case, not in the slightest.

According to Rodriguez (in talking with MTV), he has been developing The Jetsons movie for a while now and he even hopes to get filming it as early as next year. An early draft of the script was written by Adam F. Goldberg (Fanboys), but a new draft is currently being worked on. Although Rodriguez confirms it will be live-action, he was predictably tight-lipped on any plot or casting details.

If Rodriguez is serious about all of these projects he has lined up for himself (there is nothing to suggest he isn't), he sure will be ultra-busy for at least the next three years. And I don't know if it's just me but The Jetsons seems like it'll be quite difficult to successfully translate from cartoon to live-action.

However, Rodriguez has shown before (with at least the first Spy Kids movie) that he can successfully make a "light and fun" movie as well as his contrasting violent, foul language-filled projects like From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City and Desperado. I fondly remember The Jetsons from when I was younger, and I am willing to put my faith in Rodriguez that he'll make something worthwhile out of it for the big-screen.

Hopefully Hollywood has learned something from the Land of the Lost debacle, and will make this film more in line with its cartoon roots.

Do you think The Jetsons will successfully translate from cartoon to live-action?

The Jetsons is listed as in-development for a release sometime in 2012.

Source: MTV (thanks to /Film)

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