Trejo Ready For 'Machete' - But Isn't 'Expendable'

Robert Rodriguez's Machete, a feature length film based on the mock trailer that premiered during Grindhouse, is set to start filming in five weeks, as learned by website Gordon and the Whale during an interview with the star of the film, professional Mexican badass, Danny Trejo.

While Trejo let it be known that Machete was on the way, he also dropped an equally bad bit of news: despite widespread reports to the contrary, Danny Trejo has not been cast in Sylvester Stallone's action flick throwback, The Expendables.


For awhile now many (read: I) have speculated that Trejo's character in The Expendables would be one of the actor's trademark thugs; many (again, read: I) were looking forward to Trejo throwing-down with the likes of Sly Stallone, Jason Statham and Let Li. In these sorts of situations, when hearing bad news, I usually say "Ah well, C'est la vie," and let that be that - but in this case it really is a damn shame. If you haven't seen the behind-the-scenes footage or hardcore posters, The Expendables is shaping up to look like a highlight reel of my favorite 90s action flicks. Having Trejo onboard would've been like icing on the world's most kickass cake.

As for Machete, I'm glad to hear it will soon be underway. Robert Rodriguez has promised us three great films: Machete, the sci-fi flick Nevercrackers, and the long-delayed Sin City 2. Now that Machete is on track for its 2010 release, it's a good sign that Rodriguez is going to deliver on at least one of his promises (with a little help from a friend, of course).

Are you psyched to hear that Machete is moving forward? Bummed to hear that Danny Trejo will not be one of The Expendables?

Source: Gordon and the Whale via Collider

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