'Cosmopolis' Images: Robert Pattinson is an Angry Billionaire

Right now, the name Robert Pattinson may primarily be associated with The Twilight Saga phenomenon; but with the franchise finale, Breaking Dawn, premiering its first half next month, there will very soon come a time when Pattinson's career is a question mark.

Well, the young actor seems to be planning for the future very carefully; his leading man choices are leaning toward more prestigious fare like the adaptation of the bestselling period romance Water for Elephants, as well as auteur filmmaker David Cronenberg's upcoming adaptation of author Don DeLillo's modern-day odyssey, Cosmopolis

While little has been said about the small tweaks that Cronenberg may or may not be making to DeLillo's narrative, the basic premise of the novel (and presumably the movie) Cosmopolis can be read in the unofficial synopsis below:

DeLillo’s novel follows a day in the life of 28-year old billionaire Eric Packer, who travels across Manhattan in order to get a haircut from his preferred barber. Through a series of chance encounters with his wife, strange individuals, and his own costly financial miscalculations, Packer begins to see his world of wealth and privilege in an entirely new and unpleasant light.

Colin Farrell and Marion Cotillard, were originally set to portray Packer and his wife - but obviously they were replaced with a younger set of actors. At first it was Keira Knightley who took on the role of the wife - but she was later replaced by actress Sarah Gadon, whose not-so-coincidentally stars in Cronenberg's upcoming psycho drama, A Dangerous Method. You may also take this as a positive sign, if you will: Pattinson reportedly joined the cast as fan of both Cronenberg and Don DeLillo, and if that's the case, then it's fairly easy to speculate that he'll be brining his best game to the project. Regardless, Cronenberg tends to know how turn out good material - no matter who the actors in films are (see: The Fly, Naked Lunch, Eastern Promises, etc...). If there is one director who can inject a sense of the bizarre into something as mundane as a trip to the barber, it's Cronenberg.

Below you'll see some images of Pattinson as Packer in Cosmopolis. While they don't tell us much, it's safe to say that these pictures do suggest that this film will definitely have its share of strange moments.

The girl in the pics is Sarah Gadon, who plays Packer's wife. Other actors who will appear along the journey include Paul Giamatti , Kevin Durand, Jay Baruchel and Juliette Binoche, to name a few.

Check out the first images from Cosmopolis:

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Cosmopolis will be in theaters sometime in 2012

Sources: Cosmopolis Film via BleedingCool & Collider.

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