Listen To Robert Pattinson's Batman Voice From A Twilight Commentary

Robert Pattinson is the frontrunner to play Batman in the next solo film, and he already debuted his Batman voice during a Twilight commentary track.

Robert Pattinson Batman Suit SR

Robert Pattinson has already debuted his possible Batman voice, thanks to a commentary track for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. One of the biggest questions surrounding the future of the DC universe for the last two years has been who will Batman moving forward. Rumors of Ben Affleck's departure persisted for years, but it was earlier this year that it was finally confirmed that he was leaving the cowl behind. This meant that director Matt Reeves would be looking for a new, younger actor to play Bruce Wayne in The Batman.

There has been no shortage of rumors regarding who could be the next Dark Knight, but it appears that a choice has been made - or at least is close. It was recently reported that Robert Pattinson is in negotiations to be the new Batman, while additional reports claim he is just the frontrunner and ahead of other finalists Nicholas Hoult, Armie Hammer, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. As is usual for the casting of Batman, the possibility of Pattinson being the pick is one that has divided fans.

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If Pattinson is ultimately the one to get the part, many will be eager to see what he looks like in the Batsuit, but they may already have a chance to hear what he will sound like. Following the aforementioned reports, Twitter used rkandcinema pulled a segment from the audio commentary for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse to provide DC fans with a glimpse at their possible future. At the 19 second mark of the clip below, Pattinson tests out his gruff Batman voice by saying "I'm Batman."

While this recording happened several years ago, this clip does tease how Pattinson could sound when under the cowl. Reeves could elect to not force whoever is cast to change their voice to this degree, it does show that Pattinson at least can convincingly pull off a deeper and stronger voice if that is what is required of him. Having a different voice from Bruce to Batman has become a bit of a tradition recently, so it would be somewhat surprising if Pattinson doesn't do the same.

Ultimately, his possible Batman voice is just one aspect to the multi-faceted character. He may be best known for his early work on this Twilight franchise, but Pattinson has spread his acting wings since then to show his versatility in independent films. This work has largely helped him shake his teenage heartthrob persona and proved to those who have been paying attention to these smaller roles that Pattinson is more than capable of being a believable Batman. He can tap into that charm to play Bruce Wayne, while his brooding nature makes for a great fit with his alter ego.

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Source: @rkandcinema

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