What Robert Pattinson Could Look Like as Bruce Wayne in The Batman

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New fan art shows what Robert Pattinson could look like as Bruce Waye in The Batman. It was long rumored that Ben Affleck wouldn’t be returning as the title character for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, and it was finally confirmed last week he was stepping out of the role. Reeves’ movie is said to be a dark, noir-inspired detective story that will find Bruce Wayne near the beginning of crime-fighting career. This approach would necessitate a younger actor stepping into the role and also allow it to act as a soft reboot, with the movie able to exist separate from other DC superhero movies.

There were also reports that following the extremely mixed critical reception to both Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League, that Affleck wanted out of the franchise immediately. The star had long eschewed superhero movies following the reaction to his 2003 take on Daredevil, which he once dubbed the only movie he truly regrets making. He also signed up for Zack Snyder’s five movie story arc, but once Snyder departed Justice League and half the movie was reshot by Joss Whedon, it was no longer the project he agreed to.

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Of course, with Affleck officially gone, speculation is already rife over which actor will take on the titular role in The Batman. One of the more intriguing names being thrown around is Robert Pattinson, and now fan artist BossLogic has unveiled artwork on Twitter showing what the actor could look like as Bruce Wayne.

Pattinson certainly has the brooding intensity needed for the part, but since completing work on the Twilight franchise he’s largely steered clear of big-budget movies. He’s been doing strong work in smaller projects like Good Time and The Rover, but considering The Batman will be a character-driven piece by a director with a strong track record, he could be tempted to board the movie. DC was able to convince Joaquin Phoenix to join their Todd Philips directed Joker movie, so Pattinson is a distinct possibility.

Aside from Pattinson, Armie Hammer is another name being mentioned for The Batman. Hammer actually has a history with the role, as he was chosen by director George Miller to play the character in canceled blockbuster Justice League: Mortal in 2008. Hammer has explained his version of Bruce Wayne would have been severely paranoid and psychotic, but later confessed he’s glad it didn’t happen since he feels he was too young to do the character justice. Like Pattinson, he also tends to shy away from blockbusters – especially following the reception to The Lone Ranger – so he might take some convincing if the studio is seriously pursuing him.

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Source: BossLogic

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