Robert Downey Jr. Talks Sherlock Holmes PG-13 Rating & Sequel

We haven't even had a first teaser trailer for Guy Ritchie's upcoming take on Sherlock Holmes (although some lucky folk got a look at ShoWest recently), and yet we already have the star, Robert Downey Jr., talking about a sequel.

This was talked about during an interview with MTV, promoting his upcoming sure-to-be-Oscar-nominated film, The Soloist. The way he referred to  the possibility of a sequel, in his trademark witty, off-handed way of speaking, maybe it was just him thinking wishfully (he has said in a few interviews how much fun it was making the movie). Or maybe not?

In a short and sweet sentence, Downey said:

"I feel like there's going to be a ‘Sherlock Holmes 2'."

I know it ain't much, but it at least hints at the potential for more movies. I could actually see a long-running franchise becoming of it. Permitting the film does well at the box office, that is...

When talking about the age-rating of the film and whether or not it's strictly for mature audiences, Downey gives a little bit more:

"I actually petitioned the court and said, ‘This is a PG-13 movie. [referring to the character's opium addiction] Let's just refer to these peripherally. So at one point, Watson says, ‘What are you doing, that's for eye surgery!'"

He finished on joking about Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes being in the same movie:

"A time travel thing," Downey offers, "It's a great idea. I'll cross-pollinate my own double-franchise... That's pathetic. The fact that I even thought of that is pathetic."

Downey Jr. is on an absolute roll right now, and Sherlock Holmes is just another character to add to is impressive resume (presuming he does a good job, but is there anyone in any doubt whatsoever that he won't?).

Although it would be awesome to see an R-rated Sherlock Holmes movie, with some seriously violent scenes of the fighting we know is going to be included in this telling of the character, but I can $ee why they'd want it to have the lower age rating.

A PG-13 Sherlock Holmes is not only going to be attractive to those not old enough for R-rated movies, Downey is saying it's going to have a lighter, more family-friendly tone that allows, well, whole families to go in and enjoy it.

Besides, does it really matter that much if a movie is rated R or PG-13 anymore? I mean, if it's a hardcore horror movie or balls-to-the-wall action flick, then sure, you'd be a bit annoyed if they edited it to suit the PG-13 rating. But with a film like Sherlock Holmes, I doubt the promised fight scenes absolutely need to be ultra-violent with arms getting broken in half and heads getting split open (a not-so-subtle hint at Watchmen, there...).

I have Sherlock Holmes firmly on my Top 10 Most Anticipated of 2009 list, and I think a trailer (which should be not too far I way, I would think) will only get me even more excited.

So are you okay with the film most likely being a PG-13? And what do you make of Downey Jr talking about a sequel at this relatively early stage?

Sherlock Holmes is slated for release on Christmas Day this year.

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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