Robert Downey Jr Responds To NASA's Avengers: Endgame Tweet

Tony Stark touching helmet in ship in Avengers Endgame

After NASA replied to the multiple demands from Marvel fans to do something to bring Tony Stark back from space, Robert Downey Jr. has replied back. The highly anticipated trailer (and title release) for Avengers: Endgame finally dropped last week, leaving fans with a lot of questions waiting to be answered and a lot of material for fan theories.

One of the biggest and most emotional moments from the trailer is right at the beginning with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) stranded in space, leaving a message for Pepper Potts and explaining he has ran out of water, food, and soon oxygen as well. Fans took their worry over Tony’s fate to social media, asking NASA for help. To the surprise of most, the agency responded, and now Tony Stark himself has some words for them.

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Via his official Twitter account, Robert Downey Jr. replied to NASA’s recommendation on what to do to bring Tony Stark back safely. But the exchange didn’t end there, as NASA replied back to Downey, saying that “failure is not an option”. Check out their exchange below.

As mentioned above, the first trailer for Endgame made way for a new wave of fan theories, most of them focusing on how Tony Stark will make it out alive. Some of them say Captain Marvel will be the one who rescues Tony, others say it will be Pepper Potts herself in her Rescue armor. Others say Tony will go through an experience similar to that in the first Iron Man film - where he was kidnapped, badly injured, and yet created the first Iron Man armor - only that this time he is stranded in space.

There’s also the possibility that Tony won’t make it out alive. Whether he dies in space or under different circumstances, Tony’s demise is one of fans’ biggest concerns as Robert Downey Jr.’s contract ends with Endgame (along with Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth’s contracts). NASA might not be the key to Tony’s rescue and/or survival – after all, Thanos’ snap wiped out half the population of the universe – but it’s nice to have their support.

Having NASA reply to something related to a film – and without it being about the physics involved in the film – is not something fans would expect, but it’s fun to see the agency have some fun and a different type of interaction with people on social media. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a huge impact in pop culture, so it’s nice to see NASA putting all seriousness aside for a bit and let go for a couple of, well, tweets.

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