Robert Downey Jr. Talks Upcoming Marvel Movies

MTV caught up with the ubiquitous Robert Downey Jr. at the Iron Man 2 junket this weekend and got him to chat a bit about his feelings concerning the casting of Captain America, how the Thor movie is coming along, and where he stands on The Avengers project at this point.

Despite his involvement in several upcoming, high-profile projects, most fans still associate Downey foremost with the Marvel universe - especially as of late, what withIron Man 2 releasing in theaters.

Given that his portrayal of Tony Stark/Iron Man has been met with pretty much universal approval by moviegoers of all creeds, Downey's opinion about Chris Evans being cast as Captain America will definitely weigh heavily with the general fanboy/fangirl community.

Fortunately - for Evans - Downey seems quite enthusiastic about the decision:

"I do know [Evans] and I think it was a very smart casting choice.  I know that it was a difficult choice for both the studio to make and for him personally, having been involved in other franchises [like Fantastic Four] before.  But if I had to venture a guess, I think he'll count himself as lucky and he'll have a good time."

But will Captain America assume his traditional position as leader of The Avengers Initiative - even above Tony Stark?  As Downey jokingly put it, "I'll clown all of them.  I'll just clown those fools."

Iron Man 2 top 5 most disappointing movies 2010
Nobody bosses Iron Man around -- well, at least not easily.

In addition, Downey admitted that he has become "a bit of an ambassador from Marvel" - a position that actually led him to visit the Thor set so as to "let [the cast and crew of  Thor] know there's a presence and an awareness, and a gratitude, and a bit of a commiseration," since, after filming two Iron Man films, he knows that "these are tough movies to pull off."

Downey added that, "I think between the casting and Branagh at the helm, I particularly feel that 'Thor' is on a really solid page right now," and that Chris Hemsworth (Thor himself) is "compelling even in small doses, so I bet getting to see him fully inhabit an iconic character should be good."

thor movie news
I'd make a "Thor far so good" joke here but that would be tactless.

Finally, Downey shockingly revealed that his involvement in The Avengers was not a done deal yet - feel free to roll your eyes in bemusement my fellow readers ;) - but that he's not exactly thinking about that at the moment.  It's a pretty understandable stance for a guy as busy as R.D.J.

But what does Downey make of the rumors about Joss Whedon helming The Avengers?  Well, he surprisingly confessed that he's "not very familiar with the guy" but that "I will let Marvel make whatever decisions they deem appropriate."

So what do you think of Downey as a new "ambassador" for Marvel?

The Avengers is scheduled for release on May 4, 2012, with - according to Downey - filming possibly beginning next spring.

In the meantime, Thor will be out in theaters on May 6, 2011, while The First Avenger: Captain America will arrive just a few months later on July 22.

Source: MTV News (1st link) (2nd link)

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