Robert Downey Jr. To Star In Cowboys & Aliens


Talk about high concept!

The film is based on a graphic novel idea by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, written by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley. DreamWorks and Universal hope that the Brian Grazer and Ron Howard produced film will be a summer tent-pole film for 2010.

But wait. Isn't Iron Man 2 set for release that year? Isn't Downey Jr. signed to play Tony Stark in the second film in the franchise?

What's going on?

I wouldn't hold my breath for an Iron Man sequel in 2010. We all know that Marvel took their time in starting negotiations with Jon Favreau, and the actor-director has made it clear that he doesn't feel that there is enough time to produce a sequel that matches the original.

With Robert Downey Jr. in negotiations for this new film (and possible franchise) it looks like he may be helping Marvel make up their minds to release the film in 2011. We all know what happens when a comic book film is rushed into production. If you don't, go watch Batman and Robin and X-Men 3.

That said, it is possible for the star to film both movies back-to-back, or Cowboys and Aliens may not meet its target release date - which is possible considering that the film does not have a director.

Whatever happens, it's good to see Downey Jr. "pulling a Johnny Depp": A once ignored actor getting major exposure and gaining the love and affection of audiences worldwide. I just hope that more people go and rent Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.


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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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