Robert Downey Jr. Talks Iron Man Armor Obsolescence vs. The Vision

Robert Downey Jr Talks The Avengers 2 (Comic-Con 2014)

In The Avengers, six heroes came together to defend New York from the Asgardian Loki and his army of alien invaders. Only half of the heroes were "super" in the traditional sense and of the remaining three, Iron Man was the exception thanks to the advanced armored and weaponized suits at his disposal.

Iron Man's abilities stem from the technology and weapon systems developed by Tony Stark and his Stark Industries and on the field of battle, he can fly, take damage and launch a multitude of offensive abilities. What happens when another Avenger enters the fray, with the same abilities of flight, strength, durability and ranged weaponry, but is inherently stronger and faster?

As it turns out, we'll find out in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, when several new characters potentially join the roster. There are the super-powered "twins" Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch and there's The Vision, played by Paul Bettany. In Marvel Comics, The Vision is rather omnipotent. He can fly, phase through objects, regenerate, manipulate energy, interface with tech and more. And he can do it all naturally fan faster than the best Iron Man suits can.

Iron Man 3 Wallpaper Wide Shot

The Comic-Con exclusive concept art character posters for The Avengers 2 teased Vision's abilities to fly and from talking with Paul Bettany's about Vision's other powers, he confirmed the character's strength and ability to "change density." When we met Robert Downey Jr. at Comic-Con last week we took the opportunity to followup on this and ask him if Iron Man's armor becomes obsolete at the introduction of The Vision.

"Well that's always the risk and it's also always the challenge. What happens if the armor is obsolete? Wow. Because you know in Iron Man 3 we made his own personal engine room obsolete but it was for a character reason so obviously it's character that drives the questions and answers and I think that's something that only Marvel has really been able to do exquisitely so far."

Is timing running out for RDJ's Tony Stark in the MCU with his contract ending after The Avengers 2 & 3 or are you hoping Disney and Marvel sign him for Iron Man 4 or a supporting role in future films?

Comic-Con 2014 - The Avengers 2 Poster Art (Iron Man)

The Vision is a creation of Ultron who's a creation of Tony Stark and the familiar artificial intelligence known as J.A.R.V.I.S. is the through line of it all. Could The Vision serve as a partial replacement for Iron Man in future films?


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