Is Robert Downey Jr. About To Be Re-Born?

Sherlock Holmes sequel

A new film version of A Star is Born has been bubbling away in Hollywood for the best part of a decade with the likes of Will Smith and Beyonce Knowles attached to the project at one point or another.

Now, it appears the film is still high on Warner Bros' agenda with Knowles keeping her place on the water tower studios wish list of stars, alongside fellow divas Alicia Keyes and Rihanna. However, Smith is out of the picture but fanboy favorite Robert Downey Jr is now in the frame to star.

Three film versions of A Star Is Born have been made since the 1930’s - yes folks it’s another remake! The famous story charts the relationship between a drunken star whose career is on the downward spiral and a young performer whose star is ascending.

The last film version of the tale was made in 1976 with Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand in the lead roles and Deadline Hollywood reports that the Warner wish list has Downey Jr at the top, with Mad Men’s Jon Hamm also in the running. Director Nick Cassavetes is in “early talks” to helm the film which has been written by Will Fetters.

Since Iron Man hit big at the box office Robert Downey Jr has been in hot demand and with Sherlock Holmes closing in on $200 million domestic, Iron Man 2 in the can and another Sherlock Holmes adventure on the way it looks like he isn’t going to be cooling anytime soon.

Warner Bros is also the studio behind Holmes and it looks like the company wants to stay in the Downey Jr business, so I’d imagine they will want to accommodate the star at any cost. The real problem would likely be scheduling the film to suit the actor’s busy agenda. Downey had to drop out of Iron Man director Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens because of the above-mentioned Holmes sequel (to be replaced by Daniel Craig) – and he has further appearances as Tony Stark in future Marvel films, most notably in The Avengers.

I do feel though that he may want to try and stretch his acting muscles away from these special effects driven franchise films, and this might be the way to go. He was previously attached to Steven Spielberg’s Harvey remake, but dropped out due to the oft cited “creative differences.”  A Star is Born may also be the type of material that lands the comeback actor an Oscar win- something that I imagine wouldn’t be unwelcome!

More on Robert Downey Jr.’s involvement in A Star Is Born when we get it.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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