First Look At Robert DeNiro & Zach Braff’s Action Comedy The Comeback Trail

A new photo is unveiled of The Comeback Trail, the upcoming comedy starring Robert DeNiro and Zach Braff as a pair of producers desperate for cash.

A new photo is unveiled of The Comeback Trail, the upcoming action comedy film starring Robert DeNiro and Zach Braff. It is a remake of the 1982 film of the same name, which was directed by Harry Hurwitz. In the original, two inept producers are in danger of losing their company due to debt. In order to pay off what they owe, while still making some cash for themselves, they coax an old cowboy star out of retirement to make a new movie. But the intentions of the producers aren’t quite what they seem. They plan all sorts of dangerous stunts for the movie, a Western, in the hopes that their insured star will wind up dead so that they can collect on the insurance.

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The remake looks to follow a largely similar trajectory. Max Barber (DeNiro) is a producer who owes money to a mob boss. Desperate to get off the hook, Barber resorts to insurance fraud by casting a washed up suicidal movie star in a poorly-written Western with the intention of killing him during the first days of filming. But, much like the original, Barber’s scheme doesn’t quite go the way he imagines. In May, it was reported that Braff had joined the cast as Barber’s fellow producer Walter Creason. A new photo shows the two dressed up and all smiles.

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As revealed by ScreenDaily, the characters played by DeNiro and Braff are dressed in fancy suits. Barber is being interviewed while Braff’s character looks on. They are joined by Emile Hirsch, who plays James Moore. Moore is a successful Hollywood producer, serving as a contrast to the failings of the lead characters. Check out the photo below.

DeNiro, Braff, and Hirsch aren’t the only notable actors starring in The Comeback Trail. Morgan Freeman plays the mob boss, while Tommy Lee Jones portrays the suicidal movie star known as Duke Montana. Actor and comedian Eddie Griffin will also be featured in the film, though details about his role are scant.

The Comeback Trail will be directed by George Gallo, with the screenplay credit shared between Gallo and Josh Posner. Gallo has had a prolific career as both a scribe and behind the camera. He co-wrote the Brian De Palma film Wise Guys, which included DeNiro in the lead role. More recently, he directed Bigger, which starred Tyler Hoechlin and Colton Haynes, and The Poison Rose. The comedy began filming in June, in New Mexico, and is expected to be released sometime in 2020.

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Source: ScreenDaily

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