Robert De Niro Is Waiting For Midnight Run 2

Everybody Runs was the tagline for 2002’s Minority Report – it could also be used as the strap line for the in-development Midnight Run 2.

Yes, that’s right folks, Robert De Niro is getting ready to dust off his leather jacket from the 1988 bounty hunter buddy film and make a sequel to the Martin Brest directed film.

The original road movie saw De Niro star as bad-ass bounty hunter Jack Walsh as he tracked down embezzler Charles Grodin. However, the case and Grodin turn out to be more than De Niro had anticipated.

Timothy Dowling, the writer of Role Models and the forthcoming Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz starrer Knight and Day has been hired by Universal Pictures to write a script for the film which will see the return of De Niro’s Walsh as he tracks down (and I presume captures) a younger comedic partner.

There have been rumblings of another Midnight Run for a while now, but it’s believed that De Niro only gave serious consideration to the film whilst making Little Fockers.

While the original Midnight Run wasn’t a massive hit ($38 million) it did get great reviews and a cult following on VHS (maybe some of our older readers will remember that) and it spawned a few, not very good made-for-television spin-offs. It’s no surprise that Universal is making a sequel; The original film did have follow-up potential and Universal always like to make good use of whatever films they have in their library.

It’ll be interesting to see if Martin Brest returns to direct Midnight Run 2, as a the director of the original and the first Beverly Hills Cop. it’s easy to see that he knows his way around the action-comedy genre – but will he be allowed out of “director jail” after writing and directing the massive commercial and critical disaster Gigli?

I’ll leave that up to you to ponder.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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