Rumor: Robert Buckley Cast as Captain America?

Hours ago, Comic Book Movie reported a rumor from an "inside source" that actor Robert Buckley has been selected to play Captain America for Marvel Studios' upcoming films.

Over the last few weeks, we've finally seen some movement on the long-awaited project with revelations from the director Joe Johnston that the casting process was moving forward with 5-6 candidates and a due date for selection set at March 1st. Filming is scheduled to begin in June and no supporting cast members have been cast.

While there is some other buzz reporting that Marvel may have made the decision, the original post at CBM has been pulled and at the time, they said it was a rumor themselves. We've seen far too many untrue rumors develop like this in the past so it is difficult to believe at the moment until we hear more.

Either way, if Marvel has made their decision already, or even if they haven't, we'll be seeing official confirmation very soon with the deadline fast approaching.

As our our old friend Jamie at IESB points out, Robert Buckley does fit the description set forth by Joe Johnston and is an unknown actor, American-born, 6'2" with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Other rumored and confirmed candidates include Chris Pine, Ryan McPartlin and Chad Michael Murray. Interestingly, Buckley's current gig is for the TV series One Tree Hill for which he replaced the character played by Chad Michael Murray, who starred in the program since its inception.

Stay tuned as this develops and we'll let you know more on Captain America the moment it breaks.

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The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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