Robbie Amell to Star in The Office Creator’s Amazon Comedy Pilot

Robbie Amell will star in Upload. Ronnie Raymond may be gone from the Arrowverse, but the actor who played him - Robbie Amell - has been keeping himself busy. Amell has been seen in various series, film, and on Netflix over the last few years. And now he is going to star in an upcoming pilot on Amazon called Upload.

Upload is a single camera comedy pilot from Greg Daniels - the man behind one of the most successful single camera comedies of the last several years: the American version of The Office. It will be just one of many shows coming to Amazon in 2018. The concept almost sounds like an episode of Black Mirror rather than a sitcom. Set in the future, people aren't really gone when they die, because they can upload themselves to their own personal choice of afterlife. Not only is heaven real in the universe of Upload, but people can chose their own version of it.


According to Deadline, Amell will play Nathan, the male lead in the series. Nathan is a young man who unfortunately dies and gets uploaded to his choice of afterlife, where he meets a woman named Natalie. As Nathan learns to cope with life after death and his separation from the people he loves, Natalie has her own struggles working alongside Nathan.

Due to his time as Ronnie on The Flash, as well as starring on the CW series The Tomorrow People, his role on the revival of The X-Files, and starring in the Netflix movie ARQ, many of Amell's fans are used to seeing him play dramatic characters in more serious stories with a science-fiction or fantasy twist. But Amell has quite a lot of experience in comedy as well, including leading roles in the movies The DUFF and Nine Lives as well as in another Netflix movie, The Babysitter.

Some fans may not want Amell to star in a series right now, as it would make it harder for him to take on the role of Batman - as some would very much like him to do. However, Amell's skills as a leading man and Daniel's at making comedy do seem to indicate a potentially successful and funny series. It may all come down to who gets cast opposite Amell as Natalie. If Daniels is looking to repeat the successful office romance of Jim and Pam on The Office with Nathan and Natalie on Upload, then the chemistry Amell has with the leading actress will most likely be the deciding factor on whether or not the show is a hit.


Source: Deadline

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