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A new piece of fan art imagines what it would look like if Robbie Amell played Bruce Wayne/Batman in a feature-length Arrow film. It wouldn't be the first time that the actor has dabbled in the DC comics universe by any means either, or the first time he's played a beloved, iconic character from the comics. In fact, Amell had a brief stint as Ronnie Raymond/one-half of Firestorm in The Flash's first season. Unfortunately, Amell wound up leaving the role, with Victor Garber staying on as the second half of the character/Martin Stein.

But that doesn't mean that he couldn't come back in a different role on a possibly different format sometime down the line either. After all, it wouldn't be the first time that an actor has taken on two roles in the same comic book cinematic universe, or switched over between two different universes.

In some new exclusive fan art from Comic Book - created once again by BossLogic - fans can get a fairly clear idea as to what Amell might look like if he took on arguably the most iconic role in the entire DC Universe. The two pieces envision what the actor would look like as Batman, both with his mask on and with his mask off. Check out the artwork for yourself down below:

Robbie Amell as Batman with Mask
Robbie Amell as Batman Without Mask

Now, these pieces of fan art aren't just coming out of the blue, and are in fact a response to some recent comments made by Amell's cousin, and fellow DC veteran, Stephen Amell. The Arrow actor was asked recently at a convention, what he would like to see if Arrow was made one day into a feature-length, big-budget film, to which he and his Arrow co-star, Emily Bett Rickards, pitched the possibility of seeing Amell as the iconic caped crusader.

The likelihood of this happening is, obviously, very slim. Warner Bros. and DC have gone out of their way to make sure that the DC TV shows and the DC Films exist within separate universes, which makes the idea of them one day turning Arrow into a feature-length film that much more outlandish. This also comes following Arrow's most cinematic episode to date, with its season five finale featuring more team-ups and returns than any solo of the episode ever, with a shocking dramatic ending that left every fan with their jaws on the floor.

So for the time being, it feels safe to say that Arrow is doing just fine with its limited budget on the small screen. But with references to Gotham City having already been made previously in some of the other DC TV shows, the possibility of Batman appearing in Arrow or The Flash is always open. Whether or not he'd be played by Amell, like his cousin clearly wants, is going to have to remain a mystery for the time being.

Arrow season 6 will premiere in late 2017 or early 2018.

Source: Comic Book

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