Halloween 2: Mask Or No Mask? (Bonus: New Poster)

Last month Screen Rant reported that Michael Myers would appear mask-less for most (try 70%) of the upcoming horror sequel H2: Halloween 2, by director Rob Zombie. The information came from FX artist Wayne Toth, who assured fans that the change really works.

Well, new information has come to light from Zombie himself that that information given by Toth was taken out of context, and isn't true.

Along with that new piece of info, a new poster for the sequel to Zombie's horrible Halloween remake from 2007 (I always like to have a dig at the guy whenever the opportunity arises...). Check out the poster before we get onto what Zombie said:

Ooh, so moody and atmospheric...

Zombie's thoughts and denial of the reported lack-of-Myer's-mask information was during an interview with our good friends over at /Film. Here's what the horror filmmaker had to say:

"[The lack of mask information] is total bullsh*t. (laughs) See, I think Wayne Toth [SFX] said [70% mask-less] when you guys were down on the set. Wayne wasn't bullsh**ting you, but that was taken out of context, and to an extreme [online]. We've filmed so much stuff and at this point nobody but me knows what we're going to use or not use. There are more shots of Michael Myers running around in his mask in this movie than in any of the other movies. I don't think anybody has to worry. Yeah. Michael Myers never looked so good. (laughs)."

In my previous post about the mask-less nature of Myers in the sequel, I bashed it for not keeping that essence (the masked-killer angle) as it's one of the most crucial things that makes the original character so effective and memorable. I guess I have to retract that criticism now that we know (well, according to the director... he would know, right?) the information isn't true, but that doesn't stop me from thinking the film will be just as bad as the first one was.

I'm at least glad they are having the mask for most of the film as it's the way it rightly should be. But then again that didn't help the first film...

So are you glad to hear that Myers will have his mask on for most of the movie? What do you make of the new poster for it?

H2: Halloween 2 is to be released on August 28th this year.

Source: /Film

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