Rob Zombie Says 'Never' to Halloween 3

In case you are wondering, NO, you aren't reading a title with a twist. It would appear that Rob Zombie is actually done with the Halloween franchise after his latest attempt, Halloween 2, hits theaters August 28, 2009.

In the quick video interview below with MTV, Zombie was asked if he would ever consider doing Halloween 3. Before the interviewer could even get the sentence out Zombie responded:

"No. I could not see that in any shape, way or form. Never!"

When asked why he stated:

"If I told you [why], you wouldn't believe me."

Well guess that settles that then.  No more questions Rob, have a good day thanks for stopping by. All your extremely loyal fans should be very pleased and satisfied with that answer.  WHAT?!? Come on Rob, seriously. This is the Comic Con, sci-fi, horror, action crowd you are talking to. If we can believe that a man can fly, that Nixon is still President in 1985, or Shia LaBeouf would be dating Megan Fox with a giant alien robot car in his garage then I'm pretty sure we can accept whatever reason you have for not doing another masterpiece of modern day horror.

The last time I talked about Halloween 2, I was probably a bit overzealous in my opinion of Zombie, his filmmaking styles and his approach to the movie. Still though, I have to give the guy credit for building a rather large fan base on just a handful of movies. He at least seemed gung-ho and confident in his abilities as a director and was certain he would bring something to the table that hadn't been done before in both the horror genre and the Halloween franchise.

Now, he seems content to just brush off an obvious question about the future of, what is really, his horror legacy with a flippant answer. I'd say it was almost rude, but who knows what might have happened behiind the scenes that he may not be able (or want) to talk about.

It's too bad really; I was actually looking forward to him directing a segment in the upcoming Heavy Metal film. Now with his amateurish response to a legitimate question, I have to wonder if he was even the right man to remake Halloween in the first place?

The way he answers the question is sort of telling. I have no information to back this up but my guess the reason he will "never" do a Halloween 3 was due to a creative control or editing conflict between him and the studios execs at Dimension Films backing Halloween 2.

He did, however, verify that "Weird Al" is in the film and said:

"I would get Weird Al back before I did 'Halloween 3.' Weird Al is awesome."

You get kudos for putting him in there to begin with Mr. Zombie. I know it's the last thing anyone reading this would expect from me but I hope Rob Zombie changes his mind and decides to make a Halloween 3. The movie industry is all about trying over and over again until you get it right. Uwe Bolle keeps trying so why not Rob Zombie?

So are you willing to accept Zombie's answer for not making a third installment of Halloween and would you have liked to see a third Halloween movie?

Halloween 2 gets unmasked August 28th, 2009.

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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