Rob Zombie's Devil's Rejects Sequel May Start Filming Soon

The Devil's Rejects - Rob Zombie film

Rumor has it the sequel to Rob Zombie's cult film The Devil's Rejects could start filming in the next two months, and if the reported full title is correct it could mean a supernatural twist is on the cards for the lead characters. Zombie has been linked to a lot of projects over the last few years but this is one particular production that keeps rearing its head and may well be heading to theaters at some point.

Zombie rose to fame as a founding member of the heavy metal band White Zombie, but his work as a musical artist has always been influenced by the horror genre. So it seemed appropriate when he directed and wrote his first film, the horror exploitation movie House of 1000 Corpses, in 2000 (although it wasn't officially released until 2003). In a story that paid homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it introduced the murderous Firefly family who preyed on innocent motorists in the backwoods. Zombie followed this up with the direct sequel The Devil's Rejects in 2005, which saw three members of the Firefly family on the run and was more of a warped and violent crime thriller. Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig), Otis (Bill Moseley), and Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) committed atrocities until they finally faced judgement. Generally regarded as Zombie's best film by fans of his work and the genre, rumors surfaced that he was prepping a sequel to the movie in October of last year.

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Now further rumors have been reported by Bloody Disgusting, which suggests that the film may be further along in development than previously thought. The director is reportedly looking at starting principal photography in March, meaning that pre-production must be nearly complete. The sequel is said to have been given the full title of The Devil’s Rejects 2: Three From Hell, which may give a hint as to the direction of the story. It's also reported that Zombie is talking to Saban Films and Lionsgate, in order to secure a deal to release the film in theaters, VOD, and home video, similar to the way his previous movie 31 was distributed.

The Devil's Rejects was an ultra-violent take on a Bonnie and Clyde type story, and was devoid of any paranormal elements. However, the final scene of the film did show the three main characters apparently die in a hail of bullets from a police road-block. This makes it pretty hard to see them come back in any way resembling realism. Unless Zombie retcons the ending in some way or new characters are introduced, the reference to 'Hell' suggests that the Firefly clan will be resurrected in some devilish way, although that's purely conjecture.

It should be stressed that this is still purely a rumor at the moment, and there has been no confirmation from Zombie or the studios regarding the production at all. The director has previously rebooted Halloween, directed an episode of CSI: Miami, and has been linked to an upcoming biopic of Groucho Marx. If true, this would return him to one of his more successful projects and his pure exploitation roots. It remains to be seen if any of this will be formally announced soon, but we'll keep you updated on news regarding The Devils Rejects 2 if it does.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

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