Rob Zombie Confirms Devil's Rejects Sequel is Now Filming

Devil's Rejects - Moon, Haig, and Moseley

After months of rumors, Rob Zombie has confirmed that not only will there be a sequel to The Devil's Rejects, but it's officially called 3 From Hell and has already started filming. The musician and horror director has remained mostly silent on the existence of the project, but a simple image and a few words on Instagram has shown that production on the film is well underway.

Zombie is as well-known for his uncompromising horror films, as he is for his music. This new film is expected to continue the tale of the Firefly Clan, the murderous group that he introduced in his grindhouse homage House of 1000 Corpses in 2003. An ode to the classic exploitation movies, it showed members of the Firefly family tormenting and killing a group of travelling teenagers, very much in the style of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Troubled by ratings and distribution issues, it nonetheless developed something of a cult following. The Devil's Rejects was released in 2005 and saw three members of the family embark on a spree of crime and violence, while being hunted down by a vengeful police force. Often regarded as Zombie's most accomplished film, despite the protagonists being sadistic criminals, it has also earned a loyal group of fans. So there was plenty of interest when rumors started to circulate of a sequel in October of last year. Later reports also pointed to a title and an imminent production date.

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Now all the speculation can be put to rest as Zombie's official Instagram account posted a photo of the director's seat from his latest film. It shows the title 3 From Hell, this being the previously leaked title for the sequel's name. It does seem that the words The Devil's Rejects 2 have been wisely dropped from the title, being as this is actually the third film in the series. But in case there's any confusion that it may be an unrelated movie project, the filmmaker has also added the words "It's all true! Day One shooting Three From Hell! The murder and madness continues." The cast and title of the previous film appear as hashtags as well. You can see the full post below:

The Devil's Rejects ended with the definitive deaths of the three leads, when Otis, Baby, and Spaulding Firefly were graphically shot as Lynyrd Skynyrd played on the radio. But the post confirms that at least Sheri Moon Zombie (Baby) and Bill Moseley (Otis) are returning. It does seem a little odd that Zombie doesn't mention actor Sid Haig (Spaulding) as the third member of the clan, but it's too early to read anything into that. Given the previous fates of the characters and the title itself, rather than being a prequel to the Firefly deaths it seems likely that this story will have a strong supernatural element, which will add to the gore and violence of the previous two films.

It's been previously reported that Zombie was apparently in talks with Saban Films and Lionsgate, to get a distribution pattern similar to his recent crowd-funded carnival horror 31. If that is agreed to, then 3 From Hell will hit theaters, VOD, and home video sometime in the near future. We'll bring you more news on the further escapades of the Firefly family as we get it.

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3 From Hell does not currently have a release date. Keep watching for updates.

Source: Rob Zombie

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