Rob Schneider Defends Louis C.K. & Kevin Hart Amid Controversy

Rob Schneider has spoken out to defend fellow comedians Kevin Hart and Louis C.K. after the two received strong public backlash for making controversial jokes. Hart of course had been set to host this year's Oscars until old tweets of his resurfaced in which he made multiple homophobic remarks. The comedian ultimately stepped down from hosting duties, claiming he didn't want to make Oscar night all about him and his controversy.

Louis C.K. meanwhile has found himself in the news once again after audio leaked of a recent stand-up appearance in which the comedian, among other things, made jokes about Parkland massacre survivors and people who identify as gender non-binary. C.K. had only recently returned to stand-up after a year of remaining out of the public eye following accusations of sexual misconduct. The original accusations against C.K. caused the release of his film I Love You, Daddy to be canceled, and also caused FX and HBO to end their relationships with him.

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Amid the latest controversies surrounding C.K., as well as the backlash against Hart, Schneider has taken to Twitter to give his opinion about the jokes they made and the role of comedians in society in general. After Hart's Friday morning appearance on Ellen, in which the comedian addressed the loss of his Oscar gig, Schneider tweeted his approval (via THR), saying "I support @TheEllenShow supporting @KevinHart4real. Comics are the ones who are supposed to say the horrible things we all think but don’t." During the segment with Hart, Ellen Degeneres said she has spoken to the Academy and they want Hart to host in spite of the controversy, and Hart indicated he will mull over possibly taking the job after all.

After lending his support to Hart and Degeneres, Schneider then went on to defend C.K., tweeting "FREE LOUIE CK!! JOKES ARE WORDS YOU F#CKING MORON C#NTS!!" The comedian wrapped up his Twitter rant by quoting the great stand-up George Carlin's words, "Political correctness is just fascism disguised as manners." In another tweet, Schneider called for a boycott of the Academy Awards if they don't give Hart the hosting gig. In the wake of the Hart controversy, the Academy has had difficulty finding anyone willing to host the Oscars, which are set to be handed out on Feb. 29.

Given that Schneider is himself a comedian, it's not surprising to see him coming out in support of his fellow comedians Hart and C.K. Of course, not all comedians necessarily take Schneider's line that jokes are just jokes and comics should be allowed to say anything they want. In the wake of C.K.'s leaked appearance, both Jim Carrey and Judd Apatow have come out strongly against the comedian's routine, accusing him of taking unfunny cheap shots. Clearly, society at large remains strongly divided about what constitutes humor and what steps over the line to become hurtful and even destructive.

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Source: THR

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