Power Rangers Star RJ Cyler Wants to Play Miles Morales

From Power Rangers to Marvel; RJ Cyler, who plays Billy Cranston in the Power Rangers movie says he would love to play Miles Morales. Lionsgate and Saban's reboot Power Rangers movie made its debut earlier this year, to mixed reviews, but Cyler's portrayal of Billy, the Blue Ranger, was highly praised.

The only superhero in a movie to live with Autism, Cyler delivered a character that is strong, endearing, relatable and no doubt an inspiration to many. Whether or not he will return in the future as Billy in a Power Rangers sequel remains to be seen, but Cyler nonetheless has a bright career ahead of him.

Speaking to Screen Rant, Cyler said he'd be up for joining another superhero franchise some time in the future, and moreover, he knows exactly which character he'd like to play:

I’d definitely want to be Miles Morales in Spider-Man. That’s my dream role, to be honest, to play Miles Morales, because for one, I know that I would totally geek out the entire time, because Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. I have a Spider-Man steering wheel, Spider-Man floor mats, that’s just me. So that’s my perfect role, that’s my ideal role for the future. Rather distant, or some other time, you know?

SR: Next week?

Yeah, or next week, it could be!

Miles Morales aka Spider-Man

Miles Morales made his debut in Marvel's 'Ultimate Fallout', in 2011, after the death of Peter Parker. A teenager of Black Hispanic descent, Miles Morales also assumes the alter-ego of Spider-Man, and despite controversy when the character was first introduced, he has gone on to become a firm fan favorite. The character also appears in The Ultimate Spider-Man animated TV series, voiced by Donald Glover and later, Ogie Banks. He will also appear in the 2017 Disney XD series, Spider-Man. 

While Miles Morales has yet to make his appearance on the big screen in a Spider-Man movie, it is something that could happen, especially since Marvel brokered a deal for the Spider-Man rights with Sony. Currently Tom Holland is playing Peter Parker, but Marvel boss Kevin Feige has said that although Miles Morales is not set to appear in the MCU anytime soon, it's something he would definitely consider in the future. Meanwhile, Sony have already announced that its animated Spider-Man feature film will star the Miles Morales version of the character, set to be voiced by Shameik Moore.

So there might not be an opening for Cyler just yet, but there could well be in the future, and he's already proven himself as a strong superhero. In the meantime, he may or may not get to reprise his role as Billy. Power Rangers under-performed at the global box office, and based on takings alone, a sequel would seem very unlikely. However, toy sales for the franchise are huge, and those figures alone could well mean the Power Rangers do go, go once more.

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Power Rangers is out on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD from June 27th.

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