10 Possible Characters Who Could Be Riverdale's Gargoyle King

Riverdale season 3 Gargoyle King

Prison breaks, bare-knuckle fights, cults, chiseled abs, and A LOT of red hair. Welcome to the insane world of Riverdale season 3. Right when we thought the show couldn't get any crazier, this season depicts a Dungeons and Dragons-esque board game titled Griffins and Gargoyles where the players must commit deadly acts for a god-like being named the Gargoyle King. So, there's one mystery above all the others that's on everyone's mind. Who exactly is the Gargoyle King? With only nine episodes to go, it's time to weigh in on who we think are the likeliest suspects terrorizing Archie and the gang.

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10 Tom Keller

Riverdale - Sheriff Keller

For all intents and purposes, Riverdale's hottest dad (yeah, we said it) Tom Keller looks like the model citizen for truth, justice, and the American way. However, it's conceivable that the retired sheriff is taking the law into his own hands. Considering that Tom was forced to turn in his badge when Hermione became mayor, he might be going full on Punisher mode and using the Gargoyle King as a means to fight corruption.  To stir up the pot even further, Tom has a heated romance with ex-mayor Sierra McCoy. Could Tom be moonlighting as the Gargoyle King to help Sierra regain her political power against the Lodges?

If so, we can all agree that the Gargoyle King is a certified beefcake.

9 Pop Tate

Speaking of beef, how about the best burger boss in town, Pop Tate? Perhaps this seems like a big stretch, but listen to us for a minute. Pop is someone who's seen it all. Previous seasons have established Pop as a man who's heard countless secrets from Riverdale's citizens over the years. It was Pop who once said, "I've looked plenty of thugs in the eye." Riverdale has always been about revealing the darkness hiding under what is seemingly innocent. Is there anyone more seemingly innocent than Pop? Since Pop hears about all of the town's secrets, it's plausible that he knows enough of Griffins and Gargoyles rules to use it against his potential victims.

Pop being the cause of this season's mayhem would be like finding out our grandpa is the Gargoyle King.

8 Moose Mason

Moose Midge Riverdale

The two main antagonists in the previous seasons ended up being parents, so it's only fair that a kid is the villain this time around. Moose Mason is a prime suspect for a number of reasons. For one, his girlfriend Midge Klump cheated with the Serpent member Fangs Fogarty in season two. What's worse is that she was murdered by Hal Cooper. The Gargoyle King has been meddling with the Serpent gang by turning them against one another. Tall Boy was killed by none other than Fangs. Additionally, the Gargoyle King has been terrorizing the Cooper family.

Yes, we know that it looks like Moose really does love Kevin. But, why would Moose suddenly just "go away" a few episodes back? It's undeniable that a lot of the Gargoyle King's actions fit within a potential Moose revenge scheme. Also, the Gargoyle King has antlers like a moose. So... yeah.

7 Dr. Curdle Jr.

Listen, we're not trying to be mean, but this guy is next level creepy. What makes Dr. Curdle Jr. suspicious is that the Gargoyle King's murder spree started happening after Dr. Curdle Sr. mysteriously passed away. What's possible is that Dr. Curdle Sr. was the Gargoyle King during The Midnight Club years and his son is now taking over the role. Being the local coroner, Dr. Curdle Jr. also has the ability to mess with any murder evidence. This is one dude who makes our blood curdle. Okay, we'll see our way out.

6 Penelope Blossom

Although Penelope Blossom seems like an obvious choice, she nonetheless has stacked up enough evidence against herself that can't be ignored. This woman has participated in two murders and has also ran a brothel (how does Riverdale manage to have enough room for a brothel?) for years, yet somehow managed to walk the streets free. There's no question that Penelope has the uncanny ability to get away with crime.

What's more is that Penelope was a Griffins and Gargoyles game master many years ago. Principal Featherhead happened to be poisoned on one of the same nights she was playing the game at school. It's unclear whether Penelope or Darryl Doiley murdered Featherhead. However, his death does not bode well for Penelope since she is already a known murderer. The Gargoyle King can be used as the ultimate distraction for Penelope's illegal endeavors.

5 Hermione Lodge

Riverdale Hermione Lodge

Look, being Riverdale's super corrupt mayor can't be easy. That's why it's possible Hermione is taking on the role of the Gargoyle King in order to whip the town into shape. Furthermore, there are a lot of skeletons in the Lodge family's closet that could use a good scare. Since Hermione has already proven to be vindictive towards Hiram's infidelity, what's to stop her from becoming the Gargoyle King so that she can pursue the ultimate act of revenge? With Hiram out of the way, Hermione can also have complete control of the Lodge estate. Dang. We see you, Mayor Lodge.

4 FP Jones

Even though FP Jones seems like a criminal with a heart of gold, he could still be assuming the role of the Gargoyle King to fulfill his own motives. It's no secret that FP hates Hiram for ordering a near fatal hit on Jughead. Although it's been revealed that FP (not the Gargoyle King) tried shooting Hiram, it's still possible that he has a bigger plan up his sleeve to take down the entire Lodge operation. Another suspicious event took place when FP supposedly happened to show up mere seconds after the Gargoyle King attacked the Cooper home.

If FP ends up being the Gargoyle King, it's safe to say Skeet Ulrich only takes on roles where he can play masked killers.

3 Sierra McCoy

Sierra McCoy is the likeliest candidate for the whole "how can the Gargoyle King be in two places at once" dilemma. Taking into account that her romance with Tom Keller has mostly been secretive, it's also possible that they have been hatching a plot to take down Jughead and the Lodges. Sierra was forced out of her title as mayor because Jughead found out that she had been quietly taking money from the Lodges. Currently a woman without power, Sierra might be using the Gargoyle King as an opportunity to regain control.

We kind of hope we're wrong about this theory because Sierra's reputation would then completely destroy Josie's singing career.

2 Hiram Lodge

Riverdale Hiram Lodge

We know that Hiram has been seen talking to the Gargoyle King in his own office. How did the Gargoyle King even waddle his way in there? Who cares. What matters is this theory: What if what we were actually seeing was Hiram talking to his alter ego similar to Leland and Bob in Twin PeaksChills.

Also something to think about is that Hiram is the main distributor of fizzle rocks. Just as a reminder, fizzle rocks are the drugs used during Griffins and Gargoyles to make players hallucinate that they're "ascending." What's more, is that the Gargoyle King is viewed as a god within the Griffins and Gargoyles game. No one has more of a god complex than Hiram. This guy couldn't look more guilty.

1 Dilton Doiley

Wait, Dilton is already dead, right?! But, just hear us out for a second about our boy Dil Pickle. Since Griffins and Gargoyles began with the ol' boy scout himself, it only makes sense that this mystery should end with him. There are so many personal clues tied to Dilton that makes him the most suspicious of the suspects. Specifically, it's important to remember that Dilton's dad, Darryl, was murdered by Penelope Blossom. Add the fact that Darryl used to be a game master during the era of The Midnight Club and all the pieces start to fall into place.

The weirdest part of Dilton's death is that it's suspiciously anti-climactic for a character that has been part of the series from the beginning. We're betting good make-believe money that he faked his own death and is now using the Gargoyle King persona to exact his father's revenge.

Riverdale is no stranger to riveting mysteries and the Gargoyle King is arguably the most interesting one yet. Are there any other suspects we should've mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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