Riverdale Gets a Visit From Andy Cohen in 'Primary Colors' Trailer

Spoilers for those not caught up on Riverdale

The trailer for upcoming Riverdale episode "Primary Colors" has been released and it features celebrity guest Andy Cohen as himself - though Cohen is just the start of a very action packed preview. Considering all the information that was revealed in previous episode "There Will Be Blood", it's hardly a surprise that so many things are still happening in The Town With Pep.

Perhaps the biggest new revelation is the truth behind the SoDale project, which the Lodges have been working on since the early days of season one. They plan on building a maximum security prison, as well as housing for the prison staff. And after everything he's been through, it looks as though normally good-hearted Archie is on their side - as long as they leave his father out of it. Meanwhile, Hal Cooper is divorcing Alice, all the Cooper kids and grandkids are looking to inherit some of the Blossom fortune, Chic intentionally frightened Polly away just as she was starting to reconnect with her mother and sister, and after using Kevin to catfish Chic, Betty secretly got his DNA tested and found out... something. Finally, Cheryl's world has been turned upside down by the arrival of her father's twin, who it seems is plotting against his niece with her own mother.


Now The CW has released the trailer for next week's episode - titled "Primary Colors" - featuring Andy Cohen as himself. Cohen, is an Emmy winning reality TV producer, a host who has covered everything from beauty pageants to CNN's New Years Eve, and is a regular on Today and Morning Joe. Considering the circles the Lodges run with, it's no surprise they're connected to celebrities like Cohen. And as the trailer shows, his appearance in the episode is just a fraction of what else fans have in store.

The trailer shows that things are heating up for many characters as things in Riverdale become tense to the breaking point once again. That is backed up by the episode's official synopsis, which you can read below:

A HOUSE DIVIDED - In the aftermath of Hiram's newly announced plans for Riverdale, Jughead resorts to drastic measures to voice his opposition. After making her own big announcement, Hermione's friend Andy Cohen comes to town to lend a hand. Meanwhile, Veronica goes against her parent's wishes to keep a low profile when she decides to run for student council president. Elsewhere, Mary arrives in Riverdale just as tensions between Fred and Archie reach a breaking point. Finally, following a series of mysterious events, Cheryl begins to fear that someone is out to get her.

The trailer certainly touches on all of these things. With the Lodges now owning The Register and Principal Weatherby not allowing Jughead's article to run in the Blue & Gold, the young reporter is sure to be desperate to out the Lodges to the rest of Riverdale by any means he can. And as usual, it looks like his father and the rest of the Southside Serpents will have his back. Though Toni might be busy helping protect her new best friend Cheryl - if that's all she and Cheryl actually are to each other - from her conniving mother and uncle. Archie's mother Mary is seen for a moment, and clearly Fred's angry about Archie's recent behavior. As for Veronica, it looks like she's dealing not only with her parent's opposition to her student council aspirations, but also some bullying about her campaign. Though considering the punch she throws in the face of one of her classmates (it's hard to see but possibly Reggie Mantle), she's not going to take it lying down. And whatever hold Betty has over Chic, one that compels her to compare him to Clifford Blossom and The Black Hood in terms of the bad men she's caught, it doesn't chase him away. In fact - if Chic is to be believed - he's as scared of Betty as Betty is of him.

There's certainly a lot to unpack in both the previous episode and this trailer for the next one. Maybe Riverdale is not currently being besieged by serial killers and murder mysteries. Maybe the show really has gotten back to basics by focusing on the characters and their relationships. But that doesn't mean things are less secretive, less dangerous, or less explosive. Not by a long shot.


Riverdale returns to The CW with "Primary Colors" on Wednesday, March 21 at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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