Riverdale: Everyone Has Secrets in 'There Will Be Blood' Trailer

Spoilers for those not caught up on Riverdale

The trailer for upcoming Riverdale episode "There Will Be Blood" has been released. Riverdale has returned from taking a break during The Olympics and as usual, the town only gives the appearance of being quiet and normal. There are always secrets bubbling just under the surface ready to shatter the illusion that Riverdale is a typical small town.

Plenty of secrets came out in the most recent episode - titled "The Hills Have Eyes" - though certainly not all of them. Cheryl made sure that Jughead learned about Betty's kiss with Archie. Josie told Kevin about their parents' affair. More of the Lodge's plans for the Southside has been revealed as they bought both the trailer park and The Register. And Toni got Cheryl to talk about the first person she ever loved - a girl named Heather.  Not that these are the only secrets, as Archie clearly lied to his friends about what really happened when he caught up to the guy who broke into the Lodge cabin and - among other things - stole Veronica's necklace. And Jughead told Betty that he got a weird vibe off Chic, but did not admit to being threatened by him.


Now the trailer has been released for "There Will Be Blood" by the CW and it looks like in next week's episodes even more secrets will be circling the citizens of Riverdale. Some might be discovered. And keeping certain secrets might be the only thing keeping some people alive.

Hiram Lodge knows that someone in his inner circle is a threat, and it sounds like that person could be Jughead or Archie, putting both boys in extreme danger. It looks as though Toni and and Cheryl might become more than friends, fulfilling the long ago promise that Cheryl would get a love interest this season. But perhaps most surprising is the indication that Polly Cooper will return this episode. While the character herself was not seen in the promo, Chic is seen holding a baby and Polly recently had two. Plus Chic tells Betty he was happier when it was just the two of them and Alice before cutting Polly out of the family photo.

Sometimes it seems like Riverdale has a never-ending well of secrets. Every time one is discovered, two more seem to take its place. Everyone has secrets and everyone has something kept from them. And sometimes keeping these secrets is literally a matter of life and death.


Riverdale returns to The CW with "There Will Be Blood" on Wednesday, March 14 at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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