Stranger Things' Shannon Purser Heads to Riverdale in New Image

Stranger Things Barb

Stranger Things has amassed a huge following since the show made its debut on Netflix in July, 2016. Its dark tale, of Eleven, Will Byers' dissaperance, and the Upside Down, became talked about everywhere, but there was one character who everyone really took to their hearts; Barb. Played by Shannon Purser, Barb was always the outsider, who had to keep watch while Nancy Wheeler went off to have her fun. Even worse; Barb met an unfortunate ending in the Upside Down, and no one seemed to really notice or care. Except the audience, that is, who are still seeking #JusticeforBarb.

Meanwhile, Riverdale has made a strong debut on The CW; the show, based on Archie Comics, follows Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica as they try to make sense of a murder that has rocked their small hometown. This teen drama looks to be going the same way as Stranger Things, in terms of its popularity, which is building each week. Maybe it's because of the dark undertones and the dry humor; maybe it's because of the strong cast performances or brilliant writing; or maybe it's a combination of all of that and more, but Riverdale is the show to watch right now, and it has an ever growing legion of fans.

Fandoms collide in the third episode of Riverdale, when Purser makes her debut on the show as Ethel, whom many will recall from Archie Comics as the girl who was desperate to date Jughead. In a new still released from the episode (via CBR), which can be seen below, Purser's look is a whole lot softer, and more modern than Barb, though we're kind of sad to see the glasses have gone.

Riverdale - Shannon Pursuer as Ethel
Shannon Pursuer as Ethel

According to the synopsis for episode 3, Ethel appears when Veronica discovers the Footballers are passing a 'book of shame' around the school. The two girls team up together to try and find out who's behind it. We're guessing it won't be Archie, as he's pretty busy trying to keep his affair with Miss Grundy a secret, but the other footballers certainly seem the type to make a book like that. It remains to be seen whether Ethel will also spend some time trying to woo Jughead, or whether she will be too busy playing detective.

Talking of detectives, episode 2 left us on a cliffhanger when Cheryl was escorted out of the classroom by police. Since the whole of Riverdale is based upon the murder of her twin, it seems unlikely that the case will be solved this fast, but what was her reason for going so willingly, and why did she tell the whole class she was guilty?

With so many things happening in Riverdale, it's safe to say another gripping episode awaits us, but truth be told, we're really all about Purser moving onto a new cult TV series. Will she have more caring parents this time around?

Riverdale continues with 'Chapter Three: Body Double' tonight on The CW at 9pm EST

Source: The CW [via CBR]

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