Riverdale Producer Confirms Second Death In Season 1

Riverdale showrunner and executive producer confirms that there will be another major death by the time the first season is done.

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The CW's Riverdale has offered fans a version of the Archie comics that they've never quite seen before. Darker and with more intrigue and messy drama than even the grittiest storylines from the comics, the freshman series has been met with generally good praise from both critics and viewers alike.

Described as "Twin Peaks meets The O.C.," one of the quintessential reasons for Riverdale's success is how well it's managed to blend the interpersonal drama and relationships of its main, recognizable characters with the murder at the center of it. Indeed, the killing of Jason Blossom, the town's all-American sweetheart, has unraveled with shocking new developments at every turn and has helped Riverdale to keep a fair amount of forward momentum going, even through some of its more tedious subplots.

It looks like the darkness of Riverdale is only going to become even more intense by the time everything is said and done. During a recent press event (via EW) with a screening of the next two Riverdale episodes, the show's executive producer and showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, confirmed the recent rumors that there would be another major death before the end of the first season:

“Yes, there is truth to that rumor. If the rumored death happens, it would go to set up season 2."

Aguirre-Sacasa went on to tease the show's season finale, saying that it'll feature the show's “biggest set piece by far":

“It has all the different elements that are great about the show combined into one, meaning there’s music in it, there’s romance, there’s suspense and horror. It’s kind of like the ultimate Riverdale episode.”

So just when it looked like the characters of Riverdale might finally be settling into their new, post-Jason Blossom lives, it turns out that they're not nearly as safe as they'd like to think they are. This reveal may come as a legitimate shock to fans of the series, though it only adds to the mystery that's been fueling the season so far.

Who exactly viewers will be saying goodbye to is something that the show's diehard fans will be able to speculate about for the next couple of weeks, but considering how much trouble every character in the show has managed to get themselves into so far, it feels safe to say that the board is fairly wide open at this point. But, how exactly the show's story develops over the next few episodes will hopefully provide fans with more clues as to the mystery victim's identity, especially if their demise does actually set up what's to come in the already announced sophomore season.

Riverdale continues with ‘Chapter 10: The Lost Weekend’ this Thursday, April 13th on The CW.

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Source: EW

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