• Riverdale: 10 Things We Want To See In Season 4
    Riverdale Season 4

    Season 3 of Riverdale was a bit off from the norm fans have grown to love over the last two seasons. We were still blessed with family values (good and bad), high school antics, relationship drama, and mystery but it took an unexpected turn towards something different.

    With the addition of The Farm, Riverdale took a page out of Supernatural's book and turned the show inside out. At times it was good and others, it dragged on a little too much. As we approach Season 4, fans are left wondering what direction their favorite show is headed in. Without a full wrap on The Farm storyline, it's safe to say we haven't seen the last of Edgar Evernever. And even with The Farms' arc still strong, there will be a different feel to Riverdale Season 4. For starters, we're expecting a new cast member in Chic. Not the imposter from Season 2, but the real deal. Another change will be the permanent departure of Luke Perry. With is unfortunate death, the proud father will leave a gaping hole in the original cast.

    Season 3 has come and gone with mixed reviews and as with most shows, there is always that one season that gets a pass. Now, the question is; how will Riverdale respond?

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  • 10 / 10
    Less Supernatural Storylines
    Riverdale season 3 Gargoyle King

    Riverdale, while not a kids show, is still centered around kids. In Season 3, the writers kind of went off course with their storytelling. The introduction of The Farm should have been a small arc but it lasted an entire season.

    Riverdale has always centered around its main characters Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty. But now its floating babies, organ procedures, mythical creatures, and ascension. Let's get back to the murder mystery, love triangles, and often heartwarming arcs we've come to love. Hopefully, we can cut the Gargoyle King and his cronies to rest for good but with Riverdale, you never know.

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  • 9 / 10
    More Veronica & Archie

    According to Archie's mom, he and Veronica are "endgame". However, in Season 3, it appeared they had more of an Iron Man (death) feel than that of Captain America (survival). It's time they get their relationship back on track.

    Archie and Vee broke up so Archie could focus on staying alive. Veronica took it hard and started dating Reggie while Archie got involved with Josie. No way either of those filings was going to last too long. Now back together, it's only fitting that they enter Season 4 as a couple. Will there be new challenges? Yes, but what haven't they been through before?

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  • 8 / 10
    A Proper Sendoff For Fred Andrews
    Luke Perry as Fred Andrews in Riverdale

    With the unexpected death of Luke Perry, Riverdale lost one of its central and more grounded characters. With his death, that opens the door for Archie's mom to play a larger role in his life. But the question is; how will Riverdale write him off?

    Perry has not been featured in every episode. But he has played a huge role as a single father. There is no return, there was no contract dispute or issue in which CW could possibly bring him back. With that said, Perry needs a great send off. He's a vital part of Archie's life so saying he took a job out of state will simply not work. Good luck with that.

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  • 7 / 10
    Hermione Becoming A Boss
    Riverdale Hermione Lodge

    With Hermione or Hiram Lodge both in jail, what's to become of the family business? Hiram is a real crook and his backstabbing ways are sure to bring more harm to Veronica, Hermione, Archie, and everyone else in Riverdale. But what if? What if Hermione finds her way out of this mess?

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    By her accounts, if she's no longer married to Hiram then her life is in danger. There's no way the writers can just kill her off without Hermione finding a way to get revenge on her husband. It will be fitting, if she can somehow align herself with another shot caller who wants Hiram dead just as bad as she does. Hermione becoming a boss will set the stage for a classic showdown in Season 4.

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  • 6 / 10
    The Real Chic
    Riverdale - Charles Smith

    Now we have the real Chic in the fold. It was a shock to see his presence in the season finale and to learn that Alice Cooper was undercover for the FBI by infiltrating The Farm. With his addition, Betty and the gang will now have a reliable ally for any sticky situation they often find themselves in.

    To hold the big secret for the entire season was a great job by the writers. But what happens next? Where did the members of The Farm go and how will Chic track them down? As an FBI member, will he want to do things his way or will he be willing to accept the help from two teenagers even if they are his brother and sister?

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  • 5 / 10
    A Relationship Between Mrs. Andrews and Veronica

    With Veronica's mother now in jail, Vee will need a female figure to confide in during her crisis. While she still has Betty, that's more on a peer level than an authority figure.

    We can tell that Mrs. Andrews has a great spirit.  With Archie and Veronica back together and his mom claiming that's they're endgame, a mother/daughter relationship appears to be the next step. It's only fitting as Archie grew close to Vee's father on their first go-ground that the tables are turned now.

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  • 4 / 10
    Evelyn Turns On Her Husband
    Riverdale Evelyn Evernever

    There was a look on Evelyn's face during the finale where she silently questioned Edgar's motives. Will Evelyn be the one to help Alice take down The Farm? If so, what does that mean going forward? If Alice is indeed in trouble, she will need help from an inside source after the ascension in the finale.

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    During her time at Riverdale High, did Evelyn become too close to the kids? We may also have to take into account his relationship with Alice. Was this the first time Edgar has decided to take another wife? If her feelings are definitely involved, Evelyn could be the reason for Edgar's downfall.

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  • 3 / 10
    More Mad Dog

    The Archie and Mad Dog friendship has blossomed into something special over Season 3. Meeting in prison would normally mean every man for themselves, but Mad Dog confided and then risked his own life in order for Archie to escape. Since then, they have joined forces in taking down Fizzle Rocks, gangsters, and now will run the boxing club together.

    While Jug is still Archie's BFF, he and Mad Dog could turn the corruption of Riverdale around with fists. With Hiram setting up his big revenge plan, Riverdale will need protection. The Serpents and Pink Ladies can hold the fort down but neither gang has that dominate hand-to-hand fighting skill that Mad Dog and Archie have.

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  • 2 / 10
    Not The Death of Jughead
    Cole Sprouse as Jughead in Riverdale

    What a heartbreak and yet confusing scene we were giving as Season 3 ended. As Archie, Veronica, and Betty stared into a fire, Archie, covered in blood while holding Jugs' signature beanie threw his friends' hat into the fire as if saying, "he's gone".

    The preview is leading us to believe that Jug has fallen. But by who? With the gang burning clothes and covered in blood, did his friends commit the crime or were they involved in a deadly incident? No matter how they got to that point, losing Jughead would be a huge blow for not only Archie, Veronica, and Betty but the fans as well.

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  • 1 / 10
    Archie Gets His Life Together
    Riverdale Archie Andrews letterman jacket

    Not sure where it all went wrong. But how does the star character of a teen show lose interest in his future? Before he got involved with Veronica, Archie was headed places. Well, at least it felt that way. By being teamed with Vee, that forced him into the somewhat criminal side of the Lodge's life.

    Archie, once a football star, then turned to music only to be lured into a life of crime. When the tables were turned against him concerning Hiram, Archie then turned his attention to fighting which led to this boxing choice. Is he confused or just being a teenager? Whatever the case may be, he needs to find his direction.  School is no longer important and with his dad gone, he may fall deeper in a hole. He needs to be saved.

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