8 Unanswered Questions After Riverdale Season 3's Midseason Finale

Riverdale Season 3 Midseason Finale Questions

Riverdale is no stranger to weird plotlines, but season 3's midseason finale, "Outbreak," has left us with more unanswered questions than ever. The major ongoing mystery is that of the Gargoyle King, a terrifying apparition that has been lurking in the town, and the role-playing game Griffins and Gargoyles, which draws players in like a drug and is somehow linked to all of Riverdale's darkest goings-on.

On a more down-to-earth note, Hiram Lodge has been slowly plotting his takeover of the town - something that is now easier than ever with Hermione Lodge installed as town mayor. Hiram's pawn in the police department, Sheriff Minetta, has been murdered after his role in the criminal conspiracy was exposed, but that simply leaves with Riverdale with no sheriff at all, and more lawless than ever before. After students collapsed and started having seizures en masse, Hiram used his pull with the Governor to put the entire town of Riverdale under quarantine - with no one allowed in or out.

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Meanwhile, Archie himself is still on the run, and Betty's stint at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy offered up fresh clues about the origins of Griffins and Gargoyles. Here are the biggest unanswered questions at Riverdale season 3's halfway point.

Who Is The Gargoyle King?

Riverdale Betty Gargoyle King

Yes, halfway through the season, we still don't know for sure who is behind the terrifying mask of the Gargoyle King. Betty has worked out that some of the apparitions of the Gargoyle King (those witnessed by the "patients" at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy) were hallucinations induced by a combination of Fizzle Rocks, an ugly statue, and suggestions by the sisters. However, there's also another Gargoyle King that the gang have seen while not under the influence of drugs at all, and someone is pulling the strings on the mass role-playing game in Riverdale. Hiram Lodge certainly seems like the most obvious suspect, but the end of the episode showed him raising a glass in salute to the Gargoyle King. Are the two of them working together, is the Gargoyle King one of Hiram's lackeys dressed up, or is Hiram himself one of the Gargoyle King's pawns?

Who Created Griffins and Gargoyles?

Riverdale Griffins and Gargoyles

The question of who created Griffins and Gargoyles was actually (sort of) answered in "Outbreak." After the Sisters of Quiet Mercy began using the gargoyle statue to frighten patients into obedience, some of those patients came up with the game and started playing it. Since it seemed to be therapeutic, it was encouraged, but Griffins and Gargoyles took on a life of its own and somehow made its way out into the world. The game is said to be so evil because it was a product of madness, but who exactly was it who came up with it, and then unleashed it? Was it really a collective effort by all the patients, or will we learn that one of Riverdale's adult characters was housed with the sisters in their youth, and was personally responsible for bringing this abomination into the world?

What's Causing The Seizures?

Riverdale Ethel Has a Seizure

Since Betty first saw Polly's twin babies float in the air over a fire, and collapsed to the floor, seizures have been plaguing the town of Riverdale - most recently affecting the entire cheerleading team (except for Cheryl). The obvious assumption is that the seizures are caused by Fizzle Rocks, but if that's the case then we have to ask how Betty and Veronica - who aren't exactly known for indulging in drug abuse - fell victim to the seizures. Has someone been secretly drugging all the kids in Riverdale, and Penelope Blossom as well?

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Is The Farm Connected To The Gargoyle King?

Riverdale Evelyn Evernever

One plot thread that has gone noticeable underdeveloped throughout season 3 is that of The Farm, the hippie commune run by the mysterious Edgar Evernever, which has already drawn Betty's mother and sister into its ranks. The Farm definitely has some sinister, cult-like overtones, and Edgar's daughter, Evelyn, has been suspiciously present when several of the seizures happened. Is The Farm somehow linked to the Gargoyle King, or is it an entirely different brand of strange?

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